Real Estate Terms F

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Facade - The front of a building. Also used to describe a false front that is inconsistent with the rest of the construction of the building.

Fee Simple - The complete ownership right in a piece of property without any encumberance.

Fixtures and Fittings - Non-removable items within the property. These are items that permanently fixed in position, i.e. the bathtub, toilet, light fittings, ceiling fans, doors and in ground water features.

Flipping - The practice of buying real estate (usually making cosmetic or minor repairs), holding the property for a very short time and then selling it.

Fractional Real Estate - A private residence club owned by members and operated for their enjoyment.  Unlike a timeshare, purchasers actually own a "fraction" of the property. Common fractions are thirds, quarters, sixths, sevenths, eighths, tenths and twelfths, which can be sold without affecting the other owners because the title is split so that each owner has their own freehold title.

FSBO - Acronym for For Sale By Owner, i.e. a property that is on the market being sold without using a licensed real estate agent.

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