Real Estate Terms B

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Backfill - The slope of the ground around a property.

Binder or "Offer to Purchase" - A preliminary agreement between a property buyer and seller to purchase real estate that is secured by the payment of earnest money. A binder secures the right to purchase the property for a limited period of time for mutually agreed upon terms.  Should the buyer be unable to purchase or change their mind regarding the purchase, all earnest monies are forfeited unless it is stipulated in the binder that they are to be refunded.

Blighted Area - Any region in a city that has fallen into a state of disrepair and/or is otherwise undesirable.

Boulder City - A small town located about 20 minutes from Las Vegas.  The town was created by the federal government to house the workers of the Hoover Dam project.  It is the only city in Clark County that doesn't allow gambling.

Broker - Generally a realtor or real estate agent that has had additional training and years of experience and has been granted a broker's license from the state of Nevada.

Buffer Zone - The segment of land that acts as a shield between two disparate municipal zones to keep one zone from encroaching on the other. Buffer zones are usually used to separate residential districts from commercial areas.

Building Line or Setback  - Area beyond where construction can not extend from the ends and/or sides of the parcel. The building line may be set by zoning ordinances, a subdivision filed plat,  building codes or restrictive covenants in leases or deeds.

Built-Ins - Specific items of personal property installed in a property that become part of the building. Built-in microwaves, custom shelving and dishwashers are common examples.

Bungalow - A one-story home type often characterized by a low-pitched roof dating from the early twentieth century.

Buyer's Agent - A real estate agent or realtor that acts exclusively on behalf of the real estate buyer.

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