What's in a name?

As Shakespeare once asked, what's in a name?  Quite a bit when there's potentially billions of dollars at stake. Name recognition is a very powerful force in marketing. Fortunes have been made and lost because of it. That's why there has been quite a stir about a new proposed project to replace the new Frontier that was demolished earlier this month.

What is all the fuss about? The New York-based Elad Group, owner of the land that was just cleared of the Frontier has planned to replace the casino with a Las Vegas version of the world famous New York Plaza, named (wait for it) the Plaza. Sounds good right?  Well, not to the current owners of the Plaza in downtown Las Vegas.

This past August, the owners of the historic downtown property, Tamares Las Vegas Properties sued the Elad Group to prohibit them from using the Plaza name on the Las Vegas strip property. The case eventually wound up in Federal court. After reviewing the case, the federal judged kicked it back to Clark County.

With the potential revenue involved, I doubt Elad is giving up the fight so quickly. It looks like this will be a long drawn out battle, but at least for the downtown Plaza's owners, they get to fight in their own backyard. Who knows, it may even be resolved by 2012 when the new resort is supposed to be completed.

In other news, there was a new addition to the Las Vegas strip, Planet Hollywood had there grand opening Wednesday. The property was built on the old Alladin site. At one time, the property was adverting high rise condos, but there isn't anything on their site about it. There may have been a change in plans, all things considered.


Historic Frontier soon to be dust


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