Utility rates going up

Las Vegas, like many parts of the country (I'm sure) has seen a rise in the basic rates from the major utilities. Not surprising, considering what has happened in the last several years. The good thing is that the vast majority of homebuilders in the valley are building Energy Star only homes, that use a fraction of the resources that a household would have used.

However there are quite a lot of older neighborhoods, built before the program was even created. What can you do to cut your bills?  Quite a few little things will help actually. I've recently put up to articles, one about cutting your power bill and the other about conserving water.

Speaking of power, one of the selling points of Boulder City homes is the city run power company. Boulder City residents were grandfathered in when the dam was built. They receive their power from Hoover Dam (through LA power) and pay a fraction of the cost compared to Las Vegas and Henderson residents.

I set up a poll. Do you think that energy efficiency will be a large factor in the home buying decision in the next two years?


Energy efficiency for new construction......

A viable alternative to 'stick' build construction in the Las Vegas Valley is available. With available land, 300+ days per year of sunshine, another technology should jump right up at you. This too, should and will make future construction a lot more cost efficient.

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