Trump being sued

Its not coming up all rosy for the "Don". A dispute over the Trump Towers Las Vegas leasing has evolved into a $4 Billion lawsuit filed against Donald Trump. The suite is being brought by a Las Vegas property management company accussing him of monopolizing the market in the city.

The property management company, Nights at Vegas, takes a 20 percent cut of the rental income when it leases out an condo in the tower. The management company that Trump owns takes 50 percent of the lease income (its no wonder he's got a few bucks). The dispute arises from a claim by Nights at Vegas employees that Trump has forbiddened them from using the Trump name in marketing the Trump condos, making it impossible for them to market the property at all.

The suit was brought on the grounds of unfair competiition, false promotion and violation of anti-trust laws, etc. Nights at Vegas is seeking a huge judgement against Trump, a whopping $1 billion in compensation and another $3 billion in punitive damages. No word yet on a trial date or whether it will even make it to trial.


Trump gets his name on the strip


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