The true cost of construction on the strip

The Las Vegas Sun put together this short video about construction on the Las Vegas strip and the true cost involved.


City Center

This video only presents one side of the problems of Costs Vs Safety.

Who shall be held accountable for the individuals putting themselves & others at risk when the INDIVIDUAL CHOOSES TO CONSUME ALCOHOL at lunch? The 'super' assigned to manage that worker? Why can't they take responsibility for themselves? I guess for the same reason a drunk's family sues the bar that served the drunk & then 'let' them leave & kill themselves or others by drinking & driving.

The local media played to public fear when it presented it's photo evidence of some workers drinking at lunch. That wasn't wholly accurate either.

The construction industry is a dangerous place to work. Everyone involved & on-site at anytime needs to put safety as a priority. But nobody gets to work on the next project if this project fails to meet it's budget numbers. There is a delicate human balance & cost associated w/ unsafe acts & unsafe work sites. Individuals at all levels of a construction project, from an apprentice laborer (does the laborer pay scale go that low?) all the way to the S.O.B. Head CEO Of Dubai world wide (City Center Backer) needs to be mindful that human life is at stake. And be held accountable if anyone in-between allows unsafe practices to continue.

As someone who left a non-union job supervisor position w/ a local home builder, and am now in a supervisory position w/ a local union contractor, I am constantly amazed at the lack of focus on certain aspects of union/non-union work habits:

Union employees don't seem to be mindful of the start time for work daily regularly late, but are certainly going to notice & complain if work intrudes on 1 of 2 breaks or lunch during the day and will be totally wrapped up & standing around waiting for the end of day bell. Or at the very least demanding the OT time & a 1/2 for the 15 minutes they were late getting off.

Or piece workers that don't care how the end product of their work looks as long as they get XX footage in per day.

Hourly workers aren't much better, i guess they look at it as job security: "They'll pay me to fix it until it's right, why should I care if it looks like it fell out of the back of my dog?" Or my favorite: "Looks good from my house!"

You just can't teach pride. Some people have it & some don't. Union/Non-union, Hourly/Piece worker, it make no difference how you're paid. You either strive to be good at what you do or you don't. And ultimately safety, or the lack of it, is one great equalizer.

I didn't take any BS from field personnel or they're supervisors before w/ regards to safety. They had 2 choices: follow the guidelines & work here, or don't follow them & don't work here. Simple.

It's not complex. It's simple. Following through is tough. And be consistent. That makes it easier, everyone follows the rules: office workers doing a job walk, sales people showing off the project, project engineers/managers. No BS No Problems.

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i wan't expecting this when watching this video. it was terrible seeing what happens when corners are cut because of the time expectations placed on people.

strip construction

Deadlines are more important than lives. How sad. Profit is all you see. The Las Vegas strip is becoming more and more like a machine. People are not important only the almighty buck.

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