Speedway condos get the black flag

trophy towersAnother condo project has been canceled, but this time it's not what you think. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway had plans to add a 126 unit condo project out by the speedway. The project called Trophy Towers, had been approved by county planning commission in November and was modeled on similar projects at other speedways.

Opposition came from an unlikely source, Nellis AFB. Unfortunately for the speedway, the project would have been located just 1.3 miles from the end of a runway. Lawyers for the speedway tried a head in the sand tactic by sending a letter stating the hearing was invalid and then didn't show up. In true Las Vegas fashion, the hearing went on anyway for a little over two hours and the project was killed.  Truthfully, it probably wouldn't have mattered if the attorneys did show up, even the governor testified on behalf of Nellis. Even in this town, you couldn't get odds on that.


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