Realtors descend on Las Vegas

When it comes to conventions, Las Vegas is near the top of the list. Ask anyone that lives someplace else, given a choice, where would you like to go for a convention.....VEGAS BABY!  This year, the National Association of REALTORS(R) convention and expo is in town. Last year, it was held in New Orleans, giving the local economy a nice shot in the arm.  Conventioneers were treated to a truly Las Vegas event, the demolition of the Frontier Hotel and Casino. The property was located center strip, near the Fashion show mall and Trump Tower.

The convention has brought thousands of Realtors(R) from all over the world to exchange ideas, discuss marketing strategies and of course, view the latest and greatest wares being marketed to the real estate industry. Given the amount of bloggers that are attending, I doubt what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas this year!


Bloggers in Vegas could

Bloggers in Vegas could finally reveal the deep hidden secret that attracts people to Sin City. I already seen some posting from REALTORS but not to much meat in them; probably trying to keep some secrets in Vegas.
- Toby

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