Pulte Leap4Joy Sales event


Earlier this month, I had put out a notification about the deals that Del Webb/Pulte were having during the month of February. Apparently, Pulte has decided to try to ramp it up even further.

Starting February 28th, Pulte & Del Webb will be offering extra incentives on almost all of their Las Vegas communities. There are free upgrades, huge incentives (up to $150,000) and a 4.4% interest rate (4.9% APR).

The big hook is the absurdly low interest rate through Pulte mortgage LLC, BUT the actual loan is an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). So a word of caution. I can't stress enough why its important for a consumer to have their own representation when visiting a builder. If you are thinking about visiting a Pulte or Del Webb community to take advantage of this sale, call 702-493-8033. Free, expert representation is just a phone call away.

I just added information about a Pulte community in Mountain's Edge, Azure Canyon. They're eligible (at least according to the latest info) for the incentives and are 30% more efficient than the Energy Star standard. Thanks for stopping by.


UPDATE: Pulte added a wrinkle. You now need a voucher (email me) in order to take advantage of the sale. The interest rate requires you put 10% down on the property (for loans up to $417,000).


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