Pinnacle calls it quits

In a not so surprising move, Pinnacle calls it quits. The project had been floundering for some time, despite their claims otherwise. Requirements for pre-construction sales are being blamed for the cancellation. The land was cleared last year (former Falconi honda dealership site, Falconi is also a principal in the project) in preparation for construction that never started. The developer has stated that deposits will be repaid to purchasers plus interest, but nothing has happened yet. Last month Pinnacle was sued by a group of buyers wanting their deposits back.

Sadly this project offered some unique features not available in other communities. I think it can chalked up to bad timing and the change in the market. The good news for the buyers that did put in a deposit, there are plenty of other high rise condos in Las Vegas up for sale. Several projects will be completing their initial phases in the next two to three months. Here is the short list:

If you would like to include resales in your search, then there are several more high rises to choose from:

Call me at 702-493-8033 and I'll give you the rundown on each project, availability and my personal picks.


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