Las Vegas Monorail

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las vegas monorailThis Saturday the Las Vegas monorail had free giveaways at each station. Locals rode the monorail free all day and the regular unlimited one day pass was discounted for visitors to $9.

We boarded at the end of the line at the MGM Station and road it all the way to the end, at the Sahara Station. The entire trip took about 30 minutes, with stops at each of the five stations in between. Some of the "entertainment" at each station was truly Las Vegas. One stop had a photo opportunity in front of a green screen where you could dress in various costumes and appear in front of the Las Vegas strip sign. Of course it wouldn't be Las Vegas without gambling. One stop had BlackJack and the other a wheel of fortune. Each station had a DJ  as well.

There are plans to expand the monorail service all the way out to McCarran international airport. Currently, it runs from MGM Grand with stops at Ballys/Paris, Flamingo Hilton, Harrahs/Imperial Palace, the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas Hilton and the Sahara. For anyone attending a convention, it is absolutely the best way to get to the convention center and a huge time saver. The convention center station is located right in front of the West hall and just a short walk from the main hall.

The monrail runs Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. and Friday to Sunday until 3 a.m.  There are automated ticket machines at each station plus a customer service booth that is open until 8 p.m.  Tickets can be purchased on a per entry basis or you can buy unlimited passes up to 72 hours for $40. For more information about the monorail, visit


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