Las Vegas gets largest green building in the world


When you think of the Las Vegas strip with its miles of neon lights and huge television screens you wouldn't associate it with being green. However things on the strip are changing. The Palazzo resort opened at the end of 2007 without a lot of fanfare. That changed last week as the US Green Building Council presented the developer Las Vegas Sands Corp. with a Silver LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certificate at an award ceremony, making the Palazzo resort the largest “green” building in the world. The $1.9-billion resort is more than four times bigger than any other LEED certified building to date.

The Las Vegas Sands Corp. also received "The Energy Innovator's Award" which recognizes energy-efficient and/or renewable energy technologies, services, or policies pertaining to new construction at the same ceremony.


Re: Las Vegas gets largest green building in the world

There should be more of this type development, especially in the sunny Southwest United States. The price of solar panels is coming down due to the unfortunate reduction of demand for the technology... which is a direct consequence of the recent economic downturn. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the cost of the solar cells has come down from around $4.25 per cell to around $2.25 per cell in recent months. At that price the installations will pay for themselves in about half the time as when this article was originally posted. Let's hope that people take advantage of the opportunity to improve the environment!

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