Las Vegas is a recognized brand

It's no wonder that Las Vegas is such a recognized "brand." Tourism to the Las Vegas strip and other parts of the valley has steadily risen the last decade, no small part due to savvy marketing by the city's leaders. Whether its on the small screen or large one, Las Vegas is everywhere. Check out the latest Entertainment Weekly. You'll see ads for Vegas shows, paid for by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor's Authority.

The increasing popularity of Las Vegas nationally has helped draw in more than tourists' dollars. Filming of the movie '21' that is opening today was mostly done at the brand new Planet Hollywood resort and casino that opened last year. The list of movies that have been filmed in the Las Vegas area is larger than you think. Casino, America's Sweetheart (filmed at Lake Las Vegas) and of course the Ocean's series were all filmed in Vegas, plus dozens of others, all helping to reinforce the Las Vegas brand. It's this kind of constant media attention has kept Las Vegas a top vacation destination, keeping unemployment low and the construction industry booming. If you are thinking about moving to Las Vegas, I can help you find the perfect home for you. Feel free to navigate around the site, there is information on every major community (and dozens of small ones) along with detailed descriptions, photos and floor plans when available. If you have any questions, or want to get started on your home search right away, you can reach me at 702-493-8033.


No wonder why Las Vegas is

No wonder why Las Vegas is consider to be one of the most booming city in the world! The populous city is well-known in entertainment...There are also beautiful luxurious homes here with incomparable amenities...

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