International investment up among high rise properties

While the decline of the dollar hasn't been good for the US, our neighbors to the north and across the oceans have been quick to take advantage of it. The increased value of the Euro and Loonie over the last few years has spurred foreign investment in the high rise and housing market. Combined with a surplus of inventory, investors are scooping up luxury properties at bargain prices. Currently there are several completed high rise condos ready for move in, both on and off the strip.

Strip Area:

South Strip:

Foreign investment in strip properties has been increasing as well. Israeli owned Elad Properties is in a joint venture to redevelop the site of the former New Frontier into a multi-billion dollar hotel casino resort with seven high rise towers. MGM CityCenter is in a partnership with a Dubai real estate development company.

As the dollar continues to decline, it's a safe bet that the level of foreign investment in the Las Vegas area will only increase and property prices will start to go up.


The Canadians are coming


International investment up among high rise properties

Thanks for all the info. It sounds like there are a tremendous amount of great deals out there.


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