Historic property in Las Vegas

Believe it or not, there are still a few historic places that have not been hit by the wrecking ball. There has been some efforts to save a few of the older places left and a quick search online will give you a few websites dedicated to preserving the Las Vegas of the past. Usually the best you can hope for here is name preservation, which is what is happening to the Moulin Rouge.

A Piece of History

If you haven't heard of the hotel, not to worry. The Moulin Rouge opened in 1955 as the first inter-racial hotel in Las Vegas. It only remained open for a very short time before going belly up, along with a few other hotels that year. But during that time such legendary performers as Jack Benny, George Burns, Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra performed in its show room. The property has been boarded up ever since for the most part. Interestingly, it was used as a meeting place in 1960 to discuss civil rights' issues and again in 1995 for filming the movie Casino.

Most of the original property unfortunately is gone due to an unsolved arson in 2003. Only the original neon sign and facade survived the fire. The current owners are proposing a major renovation and expansion to 700 hotel rooms, retail space, convention space, restaurants, jazz center and concert venue. The property is located in downtown Las Vegas, at 900 W Bonanza. There are some zoning issues that the project will have to get approved, but given that its downtown and the city's commitment to rennovate the area, its a safe bet there won't be any problems getting approval.

Restoration and expansion of the Moulin Rouge should only help raise property values downtown, especially for projects like Juhl and Streamline. The downtown renovations are still ongoing, but some areas are nearing completion. Fremont East has its retro neon signage up and construction can be seen in several areas.


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