A ground breaking event

Not all of the cranes in strip and downtown area are building new casinos. Today, the Verge lofts had their ground breaking ceremony downtown. Local city officials and other dignitaries were on hand for the ceremony.

Verge Pre-construction Pricing

The ground breaking celebration is continued with an open house starting tomorrow through December 16th at the Verge lifestyle center. It will be the last chance for buyers to take advantage of pre-construction pricing and a small 5% deposit requirement.

Despite a relatively cool market for lofts and high rises, Verge is already 80% sold out. One of the reasons of Verge's success is due to being a LEED (green) project and the variety of floor plans being offered. There are still units of all sizes available, but they will not last long.

If you are thinking about buying a Verge or other Las Vegas loft, feel free to contact me for the latest available units and pricing.



Sounds like it was a big party. Did they hire a event manager or do it themselves?

Seems like green projects

Seems like green projects are doing better then normal construction. Wonder how many builders will start changing over to a more responsible way of building.


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