Green Products Showcased at CES


The theme for this year's Consumer Electronics Show is Green and in more ways than one. CES brings over 100,000 visitors to Las Vegas in one of the largest conventions held in the city. This year green products are being showcased in a speical area for environmentally friendly products. A new twist are products that use less power when in standby or "off" mode. The show is also emphasizing improving recycling and reducing its carbon output. Of course the whole goal is get consumers to spend money on new technology in this downturned economy.

Speaking of technology, last year we saw one of the most technologically advanced housing communities emerge (at least energy usage wise), Sommerset in Henderson. It was the first green community in Henderson and has some of the latest tech gadgets monitoring the home's energy usage.

New Community Profiles

A few new community profiles have been added to the site, including several for Mountain's Edge, the neighborhoods of Alpian Meadows, Ellingwood, San Mateo, Azure Canyon, Rio Vista, Augusta, Cameron, Cascade and Via Valencia and the master planned community of Eldorado Highlands in North Las Vegas. Another condominuim community was also added, Pacific Hills.



The builder is Concordia homes. When the project was announced it was a pretty big deal. The thing I love most about the project is the control panel in the home. It tells you exactly how much energy, water and gas you are using and how much power you are generating.


Thanks Charles for letting me know who the builder was...I haven't heard anything about Concordia "going green". I'd love the control panel, I think it would make a huge difference if people could view energy consumption and how much energy can be saved by doing minor things.

Sommerset in Henderson

It's good to hear about one more solar powered community being built. I've haven't heard too much about green building in Nevada - who's the home builder?

New Homes Section

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