First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

There has been a lot of talk (and confusion) about the economic stimulus bill and what it means to home buyers. Who qualifies? What year can I claim the credit? How much of a refund would I get back? What are the criteria to receive the credit? So I'm going to attempt to answer the most common questions about the bill. Keep in mind, I am NOT a tax professional or accountant and always recommend when it comes to your taxes to seek the advice of an accredited tax professional.

That being said, the bill states that first time home buyers can claim a tax credit worth $8,000 OR 10% of the home's value, whichever amount is less. So, if you bought a condominium for $65,000, your tax credit under the bill would be $6,500, not $8,000.


In order to qualify for the credit, the home purchase must be made between January 1st and November 30th of 2009 (so if you buy a home on December 1, 2009 you are not eligible). In addition, there are income restrictions as well. To qualify, a single person must make less than $75,000 a year. Married couples must make under $150,000 a year. However, higher income buyers may receive a partial credit. You must also live in the house purchased for at least three years or you will be required to pay back the credit. The property being purchased can not be owned by a close relative like a parent, grandparent or one of your children. The definition in bill for a first time home buyer is anyone that has not owned a home in the last three years.

Tax Filing

The credit can be claimed on your 2008 or 2009 income taxes. Now as I said you can claim the credit on your 2008 tax filing. If you have already filed them, you can file an amended return to claim the credit if you wish to do so. Based on the feeback we've been getting, the process takes about 12 weeks. Another great thing about the credit it that it is fully refundable, so even if your total tax bill (refund) is less than $8,000 (and you qualify for that amount of a credit), you would still receive the full $8,000 back plus the amount you had overpaid.

For example, John's taxes showed that he had paid $5,000 in taxes over the year. He filed his return and he actually only owed $3,000 in taxes. Normally he would have received a refund of $2,000. But under this bill, he would receive the full $10,000 instead! To claim the credit on your taxes is just a matter of filling out the form, without any additional paperwork involved.

This is a simplified breakdown of the economic stimulus bill. I highly recommend consulting a professional tax service regarding your taxes. You can download the tax form here:

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first time home owners tax

Well after 5 months and a few hardships, I did get an advocate.She didn't return calls and messed up everything so 3 weeks later I get the manager. She works on it and calls me to tell me I will receive it in 10 days. Well it is now 14 days and they (IRS) believe it is lost. It will take sometime to track etc.

This is a huge scam. I think the IRS enjoys watching you jump through hoops! If you owed them they will garnish your wages. Instead. I can't replace windows that I need so my electric bill has got so high that I am due to be disconnected on the 19th. I have stripped my saving account after fixing the furnace. It is freezing her in MN, I am about to get a great deal colder!

Going 8 months now......

We bought our home in march 2010 and closed in june 2010. we filed for an amended tax return for the FTHBC in the same month and IRS received last june 30,2010. We waited for more than 5 months to received a letter from them stating they need further documentation. We have sent them all the paper work they need. 6 months later still we sought help with Tax advocate service and we have been working with them since first week of Dec 2010, by the end of Dec 2010 we received a letter from the IRS stating that they have indeed allowed our credit but right now.... its Feb 2011 and still nothing. No letter...nada... All we got were false hope and more waiting. I dont know if indeed tax advocate service works. all they do is monitor and not even investigating the main reason of such delay. Im losing my patience with the IRS and their delaying tactics.......

why did you buy a house you couldn't afford?

I feel bad that you didn't receive your money for the first time homebuyers program. But why did you put yourself in a position and buy a house you couldn't afford? And now you have to turn off your utilities because you didn't get the money?

tax advocate

Seriously did getting one really help. I got one and she didn't contact me for 4 weeks so they then had her manager help me. She stayed in contact with me and finally told me that the check would arrive on Jan 7. No check, Jan 7 or 8th. I have even lost faith in the advocate. After clearing out my savings for a furnace that went and a stove and now I can't figure out how to pay the heating bills. I am done in! Did your advocate know what she was doing?

We are on the same boat. At

We are on the same boat. At least i know i'm not the only one. No letter, No check, no calls booo!!!

Well we can cry on each

Well we can cry on each other's virtual shoulder then, I guess. Now the response I get is "Call back after January 1st". they must have run out of money!!!!

Mrried filed jointly, need a consigner????????

Hello Everyone!!!
My husband and Me are getting home in Texas..since my husband was deployed in 2009,we got credit extended until 2011..
My father,( married files separately) is going to be our consigner...My question is will we able to get the $8000 tax credit...What if it is its name on deed and closing statement??Is there anything special I need to do??

Kindly Revert me as soon as possible..


Hi I am a Realtor in

Hi I am a Realtor in Baltimore, I am not a tax professional, so I would always advise you to speak to your accountant, but...... If you have a cosigner, you still get the tax credit. Your father will not be living in the house, you and your husband will be primary residents in the home. Are you using your VA loan? It is the best loan program out there and your husband has earned it. Best of luck to you.

Filed in May and Still waiting

I sent my amended return at the end of May. Here it is the middle of December and I'm still waiting for the check. I finally got a letter the day before Thanksgiving stating they needed more information. I'm trying to call and verify they received my documents, but the IRS lady told me it would have been faster if I just waited until 2010 tax time. Just lovely. I hope this is all they need and my money will come to me soon. 7 months is a bit extreme.

The luck of the DRAW!

The luck of the draw is what we were told about our HBC being "reviewed". We filed our 2009 taxes AND our FTHBC at the same time. The IRS documented receiving it in May 2010. I have been on the phone numerous times with them and was very pleasant with them. They asked for more and more info as the months went by. I supplied them with everything they requested within 24 hours by fax.

I understand everyone's aggravation with this. We have been at that point too. I was told last Monday that our file had been closed and we should be getting a letter that was sent out 11/30/10. Still nothing. I called the IRS this morning and was told that our check will be direct deposited next Monday (12/20/10) I hope so!! The reason ours is being direct deposited is because that's how we normally file for our regular refunds. I did question that I thought it was a paper check and was told if you have direct deposit set up for your past refunds, that helps them to expedite monies.

Good Luck to Everyone, I will come back and update this next Monday, to say YAY or CRAP!! You have to be patient and be hospitable on the phone otherwise you will just make it worse on yourself. This has been a loooong ride.

Tax Credit

I’m 21 years old, I work full time for a local credit union and I am a full time Business student.

I recently purchased a home with my best friend as an investment and alternative to wasting rent on an apartment.

We closed in May, I have not received any correspondence from the IRS, I call on an almost daily basis.

On the other hand my best friend never called or attempted to contact IRS and he already received his credit.

There must be a way to expedite this process, its getting out of hand.

Being a student i run a tight budget and I had factored my share of the credit (4000) into finances for the year.

I need help.

Quick refund?

If the comment that they filed 10/10 and received 11/10 is true , they knew people in high places. I am single mother who figured for first time to buy home. I borrowed money to fix up due to my income and filed for FTHC in March 2010 with return receipt. I have called several times just to be delayed, asked for more forms, same that were sent in first place. I was suppose to hear something by 12/06, figured another letter of delay, and nothing received to date. Guess they think people will give up. Now if reversed and we owed them money interest would be accruing and would be placing leans on our property. I'm 9 months and still counting.... single mother and my american dream feels now like a nightmare.

same boat

Sounds similar to my story...My wife and I closed on a home on may 10th, 2010....had filed an extension to my 2009 taxes due to the fact that we would be buying a home and wanted to file the credit accountant had already prepared me to be jerkied around....So I sent also pertinent docs(hud statement, drivers license with new acct with new address)...all the things they asked for....then i get a letter asking for the same documents that I already sent...says they got lost...resend......long story short .....more letters...more info......and to boot they have been holding a 1,000 dollar american opportunities education credit that my wife qualified for being in school, saying that since my housing credit was in review, that that money was im now at 7 months and i get a letter sayin very confusingly that hey ywant more info but that if i sign this document they will release my 1000 and have it to my by 8 weeks(how nice)...The confusing part is that they asked for clarification on mortgage interest that i paid in 2007...I had a small real estate "flipping" business and sold 2 houses in early 2007....neither were ever lived in and should not be considered primary residences, however, if they do not agree with that and say that they were primary residences, i sold both of them before my 3 year window would have started......i closed on both with the last one being in march and since i closed may 10th 2010, my window should start may 10th anyway i was very confused about the recent letter so i let my accountant look at it, and what hey are basically trying to do to me is trick me into signing the letter, thinking that i will get my other 1000 owed, and since they are requesting additional explanations and documentation(they want my most recent mortgage statement) that it would continue to be an ongoing investigation...however if i signed the piece of paper and mailed it in,,,if u cut through their trickery, i would be conceding that all i was owed was 1000, and i would be relenquishing my 8000 credit. I get the feeling that they are hoping im uneducated and uninformed and will just be bullied and intimadate into giving up....well truth be told, i bought because of the credit and im really discouraged by my irs and gov....its like they just dont want to pay...anyway, thnx for letting me vent....good luck


I WANT MY MONEY AND I WANT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IRS


Hello All.

I wanted to send up some words of encouragement. I have been fighting with the IRS since April 17, 2010. They denied me twice, I got a taxpayer advocate. Let's just say they do work. I sent in all the documentation, wrote letters, had letters notarized. And Finally today I got the call saying that it was approved. The issue I had was, I had a prior house that I had gotten repossessed, I then filed bankruptcy, but was blessed to be able to get the new house 3 years and 2 months to the date of the new purchase, well they kept going back to the old house saying i had it, when i didnt. I literally had to show bank statements showing them that I was in another state for over 3 years. Finally it went through. It was nobody but God.

For all of you in distress, Send in the information, and hang in there, And I wish you all luck


Me too

I am also being jerked around by the IRS. Filed in July and still waiting. I have called several times. They finally told me that my case went to technical because they don't "like" my settlement statement. I'm a single mom with a mortgage! This is getting ridiculous. What would happen if I owed them money for this long?

Confirmed payment coming

Hi all! We bought our home in June after signing a contract in April. We sent in all necessary paperwork the first week in July. 6 weeks later we received a DENIAL letter. They said we've claimed mortgage interest in the past... Not true, I called the IRS and spoke to many people, who told me to copy everything I had again and appeal the denial. I sent it all back and and they stamped it recieved in August. I waited until October to call an was told nothing had to be done until November 15th. I called Nov 15 and was told nothing had been done. They said an advocate would contact me in 7 days. I called my Congressman that day, I was told to fax information and permission for them to intervene, I did just that. 7 days later at 4:59 pm the advocate called and said my money was released Nov 18th!! (3 days after contacting both IRS and congressman). She said a check would be direct deposited Dec 3rd or mailed Dec 10th. Either way she said she was going to call me on Dec 14th to confirm. She said the tax advocates report to and answer to Congress on their cases. Well Dec 3rd came and no DD, called regular IRS line and was told a check is being mailed Dec 10 in the amount of $8203.00. Time will tell, but this is good news, at least everyone is on the same page!! Hang in there, call often and be polite, contact your local representative, they can speed things up, you will eventually get your $$$.

FTHB tax credit

OK, I did pay mortgage interest but it was on a mobile home, which doesn't count. ??? What should I do?

OVER A YEAR -- very simple return -- Still nothing

I filed my amended return in November of 2009 for the homebuyer credit. Very basic return, I am young and this is my first home purchase. Nothing complicated, as basic as it gets. Form was filled out accurately, all requested info sent.

Sent to the IRS with delivery confirmation, which was confirmed in early December. IRS insists they received it in March. Every time I call, I get the same runaround... we'll send you a letter in 30 days letting you know the status. Letter is always the same... we'll send you a letter in 30 days letting you know the status.

When I call, they can tell me nothing. Only that it hasn't yet been processed and I need to wait.

I took on a tax advocate, but no help. The advocate said the IRS is ignoring their requests for information and there's nothing they can do, I'll just have to wait.

I've been waiting for over a year now. I'm starting to seriously doubt I'll ever see any of this money. Extremely frustrating. If they would only tell me what's really going on with it, I could deal with it. This unknowing crap is ridiculous.

homebuyers tax credit

We filed for our second time homebuyers tax credit in Febuary 2010. We got the run around until october. We sent in numerous documents. We were denied as of october because the IRS stated we failed to prove we owned a home previous to this purchase. We have been going through our local tax preparer. Out of all the papers requested we were never asked for proof of buying our first home, but this is why we were denied. We signed a power of attorney so our tax person could speak on our behalf. The IRS refused to comply and stated the case is closed. Our tax advocate for MO is 300,000 cases behind. I doubt we ever see this money. I wonder where the news story is on this one?

please do not let them get

please do not let them get away with this. If you clearly qualify, then you deserve the credit and they are obligated to pay. DO NOT accept that the file is closed!!! that is just wrong. Call your congressman and get them involved.!!!!

Painful Process - Received letter stating IRS needs more time!

My husband and I closed on our first home May 14, 2010. We immediately sent in the paperwork that included the HUD, amended 2009 return, and other documents prepared by our "IRS FTH Credit Savy" realtor; the IRS' "Where's My Refund Hotline" reports that it was received on May 20, 2010. We waited the 16 weeks all the while calling every month to verify everything had been received appropriately. Shortly after 16 weeks, we received a letter from the IRS that stated they needed all documents that were sent initially along with documentation that proved we were living in the new home (ie bank statements, pay check stubs). There was no mistakes made with the amendment, just that they needed more proof that we were actually residing in the home. We mailed all documentation out the same day we received the letter (this was in the first of September). We again received a letter stating the documentation was received and that we would have a response by December 4, 2010. Well, I called today and was told by the IRS call center that a letter was sent out on 11/27 asking for another 45 days extension in response. I have a friend of the family that has been waiting over a year now for his FTH check. Thank goodness we were not depending on this check as it this point, we are expecting it to take a year. By the way, I have been nice every time that I have called the IRS call center and it does not get you anywhere. If I get another extension, then I will call the Tax Advocate to work on my behalf. I have been very prompt in sending all required documentation, and I am only 26 without too much of a tax history. Therefore, you would think the IRS would be quicker to issue the check and move on to the next claim!

My husband and I got married

My husband and I got married in 2008. He had owned his home since 2000. I had never owned a home previous. I t just so happens we decided to get a bigger house, i purchsed the house under my name and put his name on the Deed of Trust, so if anything were to happen to me he wouldn't need to deal with Probate.
Well as it turns out I don't qualify for the First Time Homebuyers credit because I happened to marry someone who already owned a home.
The IRS is asking for their $8000 back plus interest. As I'm talking to the IRS and the IRS Advocate they also indicate that we do not qualify for the Long Term Resident either. ( This because i have never owned a home is the previous 5 years.
What gives?? The government tries to stimulate the economy with this credit, give you the cash and then come back a year later and asks for it back plus interest.

FTHB refound

I turned mine in june i had to resend a paper that wasn't signed ok then was told 6 12 weeks then 12 16 weeks now 30 more days to get a response on there communication on what's going on and after that could be another 30 60 days after that

that is bs i was counting on that to get me thru the winter i spent my money on this house i cant pay for because that money was taking the place of my winter money to make it thru if they cant do it why start but if you owe them you best pay on time if not you will pay extra they should to

Homebuyers credit

I filed the paperwork and IRS sent me a letter asking for more information. I sent the information and then got another letter denying it. I calle dthem and they said I din't make enough money and I needed to make 10K dollars. I told them nowhere does it say that. I was told that that is in their manual. So I asked them to send it to me. Still waiting.

Filed Amended 2009 Return

Closed on my co-op on Tax Day -- April 15th, 2010 (how ironic). Didn't realize I could file an amended return for 2009, until mid Sept. Finally sent to the IRS on Sept 20th, and received on Sept 27th. I called a week later to make sure all was received and in order...was told 6-8 weeks. I included my bank statement, utility, new drivers license, HUD statement, contract, etc....with sticky notes and highlights and arrows and a summary page....all the ducks were in a row, but it has been 9 weeks and I check the "Where's my refund" link every day and keep receiving the "we're sorry no update available, try back in one week" message. So I started calling every other week and am told "someone is processing it" --- what's frustrating though is that every time I call, I cannot get a definitive window. It went from 6-8 weeks to 8-12 weeks, and now I am told 12-16 weeks. I'm afraid to call again because they'll probably tell me 20 weeks. I wish they would be a little more precise in their responses. You can't tell someone 6-8 weeks and then turn around and tell them 12-16. Let me try that with my boss....sorry, I'll have that report to you in 6-8 weeks....then the following week say, well it might take me 12-16. That doesn't work in the real world....but it apparently is cool and the gang for the feds.

1st time homebuyer credit

My story is not nearly as bad as some of you all, but this whole situation makes me so absolutely furious with the government for basically trying to scam us out of our money. I think that they are hoping that all of us are just going to give up. Well, I not going to give up and neither should anyone else. We are owed that money and the government is supposed to pay us what is coming to each of us.

I mailed all of our documents and required documentation into the IRS in the beginning of Septemeber 2010. I mailed in EVERYTHING that was required of us only to receive a letter back in the mail 2 -1/2 months later stating that we needed to fill out ANOTHER amended return as well as the 5405. (Duh - I already sent this in the first time). A few days later I received a letter from the IRS stating that "they have adjusted my account as I have requested". Well I called the IRS today today to find out what this letter was about, and the rep just said that I needed to do whatever the letter stated to do. I told her that the letter did not tell me to do anything and that was why I was calling. She didn't even want to look up the status of my own personal information in the computer. Well, she finally looked it up and basically told me that I needed to send in the Amended Return and 5405 again.

I haven't even been through anything compared to some of you, but I certainly agree that this whole thing is totally ridiculous.!!

5 Months and Still Waiting...

Mine is another tale of woe to add to this miserable list of IRS failures. I purchased my first home within the required IRS dates. I filed my FTHBC at the end of June. In September, I call the IRS to see what the status is. They tell me that they received the tax return but haven’t looked at it yet. In October the IRS says that I need to supply more documentation: driver's license, proof of mortgage payment, and the HUD statement, even though I sent this document to them before. Another month passes. I just called the so-called "Advocacy" line, who transferred me to an operator to get rid of me! I called the so-called “advocacy” number back, but they only get involved with FTHBC when there is a hardship involved. They told me to wait and call the IRS on January of 2011! I am at the mercy of a huge, faceless, all-powerful bureaucracy, with no option but to wait.

tax credit

We have been going thru this since March of this year. The last thing was the same as yours plus wanted to know if this was a house or apartment, even though the paperwork we had sent says one story single family home. So we took everything to our local IRS office and told the man there take what they need and help us out. well, he took the things but said they didn't need the driver's license, or bank starements just the mortgage payment. He stamped it all and sent it on Oct 18th. Nov. 8th, we get a letter stating they recieved it and will be reviewing. Dec. we get a letter stating the are now reviewing ans should hear from them by jan 1, 2011. I think it is all a big scam to get people to buy homes. I can't wait to see what they want next. Hope something gives pretty soon.

tax credit still waiting

Well, , As I said in the my last comment we were supposed to get a letter 1/1/2011, we never did so called. The lady said well, you should have received a letter. Then she proceeded to tell us they are really backed up and are into the middle of October's paperwork, and it should be 15 to 20 days. Well a week later we get the letter that was supposed to be here on the first, stating about the same thing but now we should hear from them by 2/10/2011. do you know how many of these letters we have piled up saying the same thing, only the dates have changed? It will be a year in March that we filed for this credit. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!


I know EXACTLY how you feel...I have been trying to get my FTHBTC since May 1st.!!!..I called every week until October 15th, they finally got my information including all documents I sent TWICE (faxed and overnighted)....Now another letter received November and told me they would have a decision on December 29, 2010....Man, I even contacted my Congressman--Majority Whip CLYBURN--He never responded and now I suupose we are at the mercy of these outlaw scum bags............

Internal Revenue Service

For you to get your tax fund contact us for calculation and transfer of your rightful fund to you.

6 months & maybe an end is near...

Hello to you all. Well, My husband and I mailed our documents to the IRS on June 14, 2010. We received a letter about the first week of August stating that they cannot approve our homebuyer credit because they have records indicating that we claimed taxes on a home in 2009. I was a little mad about that. Especially, since it was not a home, it was a timeshare. LOL! Fortunately, my husband and I never depended on that money in any way to survive. However, like anyone else, I'm sure you want what promised to you.
Anyway, I chalked it up and pulled all documents indicating that it was a timeshare and not a permanent residence, and mailed everything in about the second week of August. For weeks we heard nothing. Then, I came across this website. I read through all of your posts. Someone posted a phone number with an extension for me to call. I called that number and kept following up. I was repeatedly told that I could not do a thing until our documents have been in processing for 16 weeks. I still kept calling. I was sure to remain polite at all times. The rep always took time to look into our file. I made a final call this past Wednesday (Dec. 8) and was told that our check would be mailed on Dec. 10th with a $203 interest. We'll see how long it takes to get to us by smail mail. LOL!

All in all, I want to thank you all for your comments here because it helped me contact the IRS and get our credit. The number I called was I called 1-800-829-0582 ext 362 which I found right here on this site from reading through other people's posts (I apologize that I do not remember who posted it).

Same here. Call your US

Same here. Call your US Senator's office for assistance. They will send you a form to fill out regarding your difficulties, and they will work on your behalf directly with the tax advocates office. And no, it does not have to be a hardship for the tax advocate to get involved. The tax advocate steps in when there has been any problem with unresolved issues. The do work for the IRS but they are the "watchdog" of the IRS and are hired solely to assist the citizens with dealing with the IRS.

filed in April still waiting

I closed in February, filed before the April deadline and am still waiting. I was put on to the Advocate at the end of October, I received one letter from Advocates asking for documents which I sent, received another letter saying they had not received docs sent them again certified this time. I have since called three times and left a message each time but nothing...I really don't know what else to do.

same here....

We filed our FTHBC last june 28, 2010 with all the documents they required us. IRS received it june 30, 2010. We never received any letter from them until after nore than 16 weeks stating they need more data to support our claim and that we were subjected to a review/exam, to make the story short we sent them the documents they asked us through mail and fax. Then they sent us a letter asking us to wait for 30-45 days for their its gonna be going 60days...still we havent heard anything from them.....everytime i called the IRS...the only aswer they always gave me is that the examiner assigned to us havent look into our papers we also sought a tax advocacy service..but i dont know if its just bad luck that the advocate assigned to us took a leave and will be back next year.....i called that tax advocate several times already and left messages and she never returned our calls..we never received any updates from her. .i'm getting really impatient and so frustrated with the IRS. .
Going 6 months now....and still nothing.....not even an update!.......

I am actually working with

I am actually working with the so called "advocates" What I was told is they can intervene after so long. They can only rush it if there is a hardship. I would check again, not that we have gotten anywhere with them either. They have been just as incompetent and a headache just like the IRS. We have been waiting about 6 weeks since working with them. They told us it would be like starting over and we would have to wait 12-16 weeks. This is after already waiting 24 weeks!

I'm at 6 months waiting now.

I'm at 6 months waiting now. I have called many times and was told that they received the papers on 25 June and "there hasn't been a letter generated requesting more information so everything should be fine" and that it's still being processed. They also told me that it is taking so long because it's an ammended return and asked me to give them another 30 days before contacting taxpayer advocacy. My home also needed repairs but I didn't trust the government before this so my repairs are waiting. No one was wrong to buy a house counting on their tax credit. That was the purpose of it. It was advertised as a way to help offset downpayment to give renters incentive to become homeowners and stimulate the real estate market.
The thing that really has me mad is the fact that I have yet to get one letter or call or email, anything, from the irs to let me know what is going on. I feel like I have been scammed by the government.

So, about three days ago I

So, about three days ago I got a letter from the irs saying that I had an $8000 refund due and that if I hadn't already received my refund check it would come within 2-3 weeks. Then, yesterday it finally came and with almost $200 in interest. Just thought I would update.

buyers tax credit

Just wondering how you got your refund as a first time buyer? I have been waiting 7.5 months as a repeat buyer and only seem to get the run around when I call the irs.

Thanks for th help.


Well that is good news!

Well that is good news!


Maybe you can help me? I am looking at buying a new condo and was wanting to know if the $8,000 stimulus was still good?

Would you know where I can go to find this out?


U missed the boat.

U had to have a binding contract by April 2010 to get the credit.

Same boat

I'm in the same situation. I sent my ammended tax return out in June. They received it June 29th. I didn't call the IRS until the end of October which would have been 4 months. The lady told me they have it it just hasn't been porcessed yet b/c they had received so many and were backed up. She told me to call back in a month. I just called today (12/01/10) and the woman said it still had not been reviewed and she did not see any letters being sent to me. She said 5 months was over the normal wait time so she would submit a referal. She said I should receive something within the next 30 days at least telling me why there's a hold up. If I don't receive anything she told me to call back Jan 1, 2011 and then she may have to refer me to the tax advocates.
I'm just curious if anyone else had any luck actually get the check after the referal...or is it just more waiting?

me too

I got the exact same story today... no one has looked at mine yet, no letters have been sent or an indication that a letter will be sent.. . and to call back January 1 if I havent heard by then, and yes then they will refer me to the tax advocates .... they must have this scripted out....

I too sent in an amended tax

I too sent in an amended tax return (early May 2010)..After several months I started contacting the IRS many times being told to wait a few more weeks and call back. Finally, in October (I believe), I was assigned an advocate. I was asked to send in the additional information (which pretty much was already sent in), which I did. After 2 follow-ups with the advocate, the last one being December 1, I was told the check was set to be mailed on Dec. 10. I received it yesterday (December 13)! So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Keep in mind that this was 7 months AFTER I originally sent the amended return! But, it did happen. Now, I did not receive any interest (the advocate told me that they said it was due to my error?? Not sure why that would be, but I am happy to have finally received the refund). I was also told I could dispute that (them not paying me the interest) if I chose to do so. I hope this helps and good luck!

At the end of your 16 week

At the end of your 16 week mark the IRS should have wrote a letter questioning why is it taking so long... What will happen is 7 days from then, you will get a phone call, they might ask or more info. or they might not... What happend with us is they called and told us that it was being processed and that it was suppose to be finished by that weekend and that we would deff. be seeing within the next week... I have been told that its not suppose to be direct deposit... but the lady that we spoke to from the irs said that if we filed our tax return and had direct deposit, then we should see the FTHC as a direct deposit.... Here we are Friday the day she said we would see it as direct deposit. still not in our bank account.... But she said if it is sent out by check then we should see it this coming monday 11/29..... If you call again and ask about it they should write a letter which should speed up the process... good luck

Did you ever end up getting

Did you ever end up getting the check?

Homeowners tax credit

We filed October 21, 2010 Registered with retuurn reciept. Our check will be here on or about Nov 26. The check will be sent out on the 22nd of November. We had a slight probloem with having to stop the check from going out to our old address. Because of that we are delayed 8 days Luckily I called today to fix the address situation and they were able to give an approximate date.

I called 1-800-829-0582 ext 362 and was on hold for 4 minutes before talking to a person.

Our refund processed quickly (4-5 weeks dependent upon delivery day)because of what we sent in.

Just a quick word of advice. Here is what we sent in:

Form 1040X Amended return
Form 5404 First Time Home-buyer
Form HUD-1 with signatures
Homeowners insurance policy
Photo ID's of Husband and myself (texas driver liscences, Military ID cards)
Copies of water, electric, and direct TV bills showing home address
Voter registration cards for husband and myself

When you call that number be nice. Laugh joke, treat the person with utmost respect. Sir or Ma'am. She took my number and called me to let me know the new date the check was to be sent. She just wanted to let me know when it would come and if the change of address she did worked.

Patience and respect is needed when calling the customer service reps... do not make them have a bad day. They are just employees like most of us.

Thanks for the 1800 number

Thanks for the 1800 number It's much faster to get thru. This is some very helpful information.

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