First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

There has been a lot of talk (and confusion) about the economic stimulus bill and what it means to home buyers. Who qualifies? What year can I claim the credit? How much of a refund would I get back? What are the criteria to receive the credit? So I'm going to attempt to answer the most common questions about the bill. Keep in mind, I am NOT a tax professional or accountant and always recommend when it comes to your taxes to seek the advice of an accredited tax professional.

That being said, the bill states that first time home buyers can claim a tax credit worth $8,000 OR 10% of the home's value, whichever amount is less. So, if you bought a condominium for $65,000, your tax credit under the bill would be $6,500, not $8,000.


In order to qualify for the credit, the home purchase must be made between January 1st and November 30th of 2009 (so if you buy a home on December 1, 2009 you are not eligible). In addition, there are income restrictions as well. To qualify, a single person must make less than $75,000 a year. Married couples must make under $150,000 a year. However, higher income buyers may receive a partial credit. You must also live in the house purchased for at least three years or you will be required to pay back the credit. The property being purchased can not be owned by a close relative like a parent, grandparent or one of your children. The definition in bill for a first time home buyer is anyone that has not owned a home in the last three years.

Tax Filing

The credit can be claimed on your 2008 or 2009 income taxes. Now as I said you can claim the credit on your 2008 tax filing. If you have already filed them, you can file an amended return to claim the credit if you wish to do so. Based on the feeback we've been getting, the process takes about 12 weeks. Another great thing about the credit it that it is fully refundable, so even if your total tax bill (refund) is less than $8,000 (and you qualify for that amount of a credit), you would still receive the full $8,000 back plus the amount you had overpaid.

For example, John's taxes showed that he had paid $5,000 in taxes over the year. He filed his return and he actually only owed $3,000 in taxes. Normally he would have received a refund of $2,000. But under this bill, he would receive the full $10,000 instead! To claim the credit on your taxes is just a matter of filling out the form, without any additional paperwork involved.

This is a simplified breakdown of the economic stimulus bill. I highly recommend consulting a professional tax service regarding your taxes. You can download the tax form here:

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CALL AGAIN and get a TAX ADVOCATE. You probably are more of a hardship now with bills late than you were the first time you called. Write a nice boo hoo letter if they give you a Tax Advocate. We sent our electric bill and truck payments that are all a month behind disconnect or facing repo man and they took our case fast. We told them about the bills, having to go to a food bank for food just to eat and this delay of refund is also hurting our credit because bills are not getting paid.

Just as frustrated.

I am blown away by how many people are having problems with this. I filed my taxes around the 19th of Feb. We close on our house in Dec of 09. I made sure to send a copy of my HUD statement with my tax return when I sent it. I sent it to the IRS priority mail and paid the extra so I could track it and make sure they got it. They received it and it took about six weeks for them to process it. Finally they said I would be getting my tax return by May 10th without any processing delays. I am so excited of course. Then I see two letters in my mail box about a week later from the IRS. I thought maybe it was my check even though I asked them to direct deposit. I open it and nope it is requesting my HUD agreement AGAIN! I call and someone tells me VERY rudely that I better just do what they say. We fax it. I call the IRS at LEAST two times a week. I get conflicting information each time. I just want to know if they received my fax. They can't really tell me. Some of them said it looks like it some of the reps are very un helpful. I finally contact my local congressman. She tells me to call a tax advocate I do. She said it is being processed and that means they received my last fax. Well at least I know that for sure. The tax advocate wasn't much help. She told me since it is being processed to just sort of wait. She said in good news if I don't recieve my refund by the 31st then they have to start tacking on interest. While her information was helpful I still don't know what she will do to help me if I don't receive it. I thought this must be the norm for everyone getting the new home buyers tax credit. However, my cousin closed on her house a few days after me. She filed her taxes at the end of March and got her refund two weeks ago! WHAT???!!! I am furious. I don't understand why some are getting it and some aren't. This doesn't seem fair. My husband and I just hit a dental emergency that will probably cost us around 6 grand. If we don't get the refund I have no idea how we are going to pay for this. I just feel like I can't even do anything on my part to help the process a long. It is driving me crazy.

irs sucks

i filed my taxes on feb 5 and was told to send it by mail because its a home buyers credit. so here im thinking irs should get it by feb 15. so now im thinking something should show up on there website by march 15th. nothing showing finally end of march it says you should get a refund by april 13th. so now april 4th i get a letter saying you did not sign your tax return sign this and send back saying everything is true to best of knowledge. I triend to fax it at the ups store for over 45 minutes and they said somethings wrong with the fax number so since i was there i said screw it i will buy and envelope and stamp from them and send it that day.
April 13th comes around and i look at the web sight and it says file being reviewed. so i call every friday to the number listed with some code im supposed to give the person that makes you wait 20+ minutes. one time i even asked to talk to someone higher than her and she hung up on me even though i wasnt being rude at all. evrerytime i call they tell me call back in 2 weeks and they have no way of looking up my information if its not on the screen in front of them and there no person higher than them i can talk to and its a whole diff dept.. i finally talked to employee # 0270754 and even though i got the same shit he at least made me feel as if they are trying. he said some shit about its on a 9 day hold management suspension and to call the errors dept or ask for them if it hasnt got fixed in 2 weeks.....pretty much same shit everyone tells me except he at least made it sound like they are trying. oh i asked if i could just resend something and he said no if its not fixed in 2 weeks call and ask for errors...if they done fix it by than than they have another 30 days to really fix the problem and if he does something now than that gives them another 30 days to fuck around so he wasnt going to write something up and possibly fuck me for 30 more days????its like fuck man i been waiting since feb so now i will wait 2 weeks call and have to wait another 30 days after that.....its may 21 today i dont expect my return until june or july holy fuck man i owe bills and i let my dad buy a boat for me telling him i would pay him beginning of may.. now i have to make my dad wait for money owed..



STILL waiting

Well we filed in mid Feb. in March the website told us that we should epect our refund on May 11. On May 10 we got a letter in the mail saying that we didn't include our HUD form (we did for sure include it) and that we should send them another copy. That day I faxed another copy to the number that was on the page. I called to check on the status 3 days later and was told that they have no additional information and that it would be ATLEAST another 4 weeks. I check the website every week and it never changes- it tells me to call and talk to a representive of whom are useless!! Why would they even offer this tax credit if they have no intention to honor it for 6 months after the fact. We don't have any money problems or anything but it would be nice to have that 8000 dollar cushion as well as the additional 2500 for our tuition and other tax credits... gotta love the government!

Still waiting

I've been reading many of your comments and understand your frustration as well. I think it's so unfair that we all work so hard and save to buy our first home and have to be scammed this way by the IRS. Like most of you i mailed my return since Feb, 2010. As of today, i'm still waiting on my refund. I've called the IRS numerous times and checked their websites and still no updates.

Like many of the stories i read here, i was also asked to re-send my hud statement which was included in my return sent in Feb,2010.
It was resent again in April, 2010 (via mail)

As of may 2010, their system has still not been updated indicatinng the information was received.
I called again today and asked if i can fax my hud statement in again (3rd) time.
Lets see what happens next.

Good luck to everyone!

Got the tax credit in 5 weeks and one day

I mailed my return with the settlement form on April 15th, used a generic envelope because I didn't have a pre-printed irs one. I checked irs status web site a couple of times and they didn't have it yet. Then they said they had the return and I would get my refund by June 15th. In the mean time, I heard some personal stories from friends about how long they had been waiting (many weeks) so I got nervous and found this web site. After reading several posts here about how long people have been waiting, I was certain I would not be any luckier than any of you. So today, I checked the irs status web site again and it said they not only found an error in my return, but that it was actually - are you ready for this?! - in MY FAVOR - for an additional $400, and the best part is, it said your refund will be direct deposited TODAY. (May 21st). So, amazingly, I had no problems, got more money than I thought, and got my refund, including the $8000 all within 5 weeks and one day. I am not gloating when I say, I feel really bad for everyone who is still waiting. I can't always pay my bills on time either - shame on the finger pointers! - so good luck to you all. Deb in Ohio

delay-seek help?

we received our non-credit portion of refund end of march. the rep i talked with said that because we have lived in our primary residence for the last 6 years (we bought the home we rented) it looked suspicious and was flagged, to do nothing and expect response in 30 days. received a letter 2 weeks later to send in proof of our primary address which was faxed and received and entered into their system on 4/14. called end of april and was told to wait 30 days for response. today 37 days later, i called and was told while the information is on file and logged into their system and they information i faxed is adequate verification of address that it has not yet been assigned an examiner and to wait "a few more weeks" for a response. my question is do i just keep patiently waiting, or do i call weekly to check on the process. should i get an advocate? any advice is greatly appreciated.

Just another horror story:

Closed: May 5 2009
Filed: Feb 16 2010

Single. Only person on the mortgage. Pretty clean and simple transaction, I thought. No back pay on taxes. Military veteran.

Got the letter about "not signing" the forms. Tried to fax but the line was busy. Snail mailed, in the 1st week of April ("They" said that was a better move, apparently). I had sent the settlement paperwork with the taxes, exactly as requested. Direct deposit. Still nothing. Called 2 times, and need to call again, today.

The horror was the work I had lined up with a contractor, based on the tax return/credit. Yes...I get it, dont spend money you dont have. Thats why I canned the project before it came to that. Meanwhile, the basement is in shambles, TONS of work left in limbo, some bills piling up, and I have had to do some major money magic in moving things around.

The irritating part, is hearing of the people that got them fast. Bought the houses in more questionable circumstances, not married couples on mortagages together, purchased late in the year, or ammended last year, etc.

The rumor I heard, is that 1 in 5 are getting audited. Maybe that is this group of people. I understand that, but in the meantime...couldnt they at least release the non-tax credit refunds to us???

Still waiting here as well...

And getting really frustrated. Bought house 7/1/09. Sent return 2/1/10. WMR didn't update until late March when it said I should receive refund by 4/20. Received letter 4/2 stating I didn't sign my return (which is partially true - did it on Turbotax and had typed but not hand signature). Tried to fax signature page back but number ALWAYS busy. Gave up and sent 4/7 by certified mail. NEVER received confirmation that my mail was received. I have called a couple times since and they can't even tell if they got my letter. Last operator told me that at 8 wks after 4/12 (allowing 5 days mailing time), so 6/12, the examiner is alerted and then they're supposed to get in touch with me. If there's an additional 30 days delay after that then I can get an advocate. Operator not the friendliest person. WMR just gives me the 1301 error.
So frustrating. Especially the fact a person can't get in touch with the person working on the return. I myself am an examiner for a different government agency and if someone wants to talk with me about their case they can easily get in touch with me. Haven't even received my regular federal refund yet. Wonder if I'll get my money by next tax season?!?

Just sent ours in

Just send ours in on May 17th.

Included in my packet was:

5405 form done up by H&R Block
Amendment 1040X form done by H&R Block (so I claim it on 2009 taxes)
HUD statement with all signitures included
Copy of my drivers license with new address on it
Copy of my car registration with new address on it
Copy of my first gas bill with new address on it
Copy of my county auditor website listing my house as owned by me

Now if they have a problem with all those forms of proof, then I'm going to get pissed off.

Hopefully they don't take 6 months to get me the $8000. I'm not foolish and spent it already but I do have home repairs waiting for when it comes in. Like a new wooden fence for my backyard to keep out unwanted neighbor pets who like to dig holes under the chain link fence there now.

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Well, we filed an amended return and mailed it in in March. H & R block filled out the forms for us and charged $115 to do it. I mailed it in on March 12. Well, I called and called and called because we NEEDED this money then and things have only gotten worse since. Well, I find out after it finally showed up as being recieved that H & R block had put our old address (where we rented) on the form as our mailing address and had not even listed the address of the house we bought and have lived in for OVER A YEAR on the form!! I am angry about this! I should have looked over them but I don't understand tax forms very well and plus we paid them to do it right in the first place! Well, it has been 10 weeks today and I am gonna call them in a minute. I hope it comes soon because we are a young couple and have already been thrown through enough loops within the past three years anyway.


We closed on our home October 6th 2009. We were told to amend our 2008 taxes to get the refund faster. We did so and were told we would receive a check within 6 weeks, that turned into us waiting weeks and now months.

We called several times, got many letters stating we would be contacted in 45 days. Finally someone said that our case is now closed and should be getting a check in 3 weeks. And that there will also be a 4% interest added on.

Has anyone received an extra amount on your refund from interest?

We closed on our home

We closed on our home October 6th 2009. We were told to amend our 2008 taxes to get the refund faster. We did so and were told we would receive a check within 6 weeks, that turned into us waiting weeks and now months.

We called several times, got many letters stating we would be contacted in 45 days. Finally someone said that our case is now closed and should be getting a check in 3 weeks. And that there will also be a 4% interest added on.

Has anyone received an extra amount on your refund from interest?

Still waiting!

My husband is a veteran, we filed all the paperwork, with our taxes, including the HUD statement. We are expecting to get the long time residence home buyers credit. we filed in early Feb, closed on our new home in Nov of 09.
In late March, we get a letter asking us for more information. I called the number on the letter, and sent in what they requested. We just got another letter this week saying they received the information and that it is being reviewed. Still waiting...........

So Am I

I dropped my taxes in the mail on 21 January 2010 with all the documents required--AT THAT TIME. Now it is 20 May and still no home buyers credit for long time residence ownership. On 26 April I made my 8th phone call to the IRS to find out what was up, they had decreased my refund by the credit amount and at that time I was told they NOW need proof of ownership for the last 5 years. Three months later I HAVE TO CALL THEM to find this out? So anyway I faxed it to them that day. It is 9:30 pm on 20 May and I just got off the phone and guess what? They have the papers but they haven't been processed yet. I work for the Federal Government and as usual they dropped the ball. They made a mistake and stepped up the requirement but didn't bother to hire a single additional temp or term employee to help with processing. The money will be nice but they will probably owe me that much for the pain and suffering of complying with the IRS making up the rules as they go.

Are the letters the IRS is

Are the letters the IRS is sending you coming via certified mail? I missed the mail man today because I was working. There was a note in my mailbox that I have a Certified letter from the IRS.....Am I getting audited just because I filed for the tax credit? This is really stressing me out. I went to the Post Office, but I have to wait until tomorrow to get the letter. Ugh!


I mailed my amended return on April 12th. I called yesterday to check status of refund (online said no info was available and to check back in a week) and was told my check was being mailed May 21st. The rep on the phone actually sounded surprised I was getting it back so soon. I had my amended return prepared by H&R Block and was told to send at least 3 forms of required backup with it to prove it was me and that I lived there. Besides the HUD form, I sent a copy of my updated driver's license (actually just the paper one I printed out while waiting on new one in the mail), bank statement with new address, and copy of most recent mortgage statement. My friend who sent her amended return at the same time as me did not inlcude the extra backup and was told it would be 12-16 weeks for her return when she called yesterday. Though they have not requested the additional back up from her at this point, she is mailing it now in an attempt to expedite her refund. It seems the extra documents are the key to getting the refund, especially on amended returns. We will see how long it takes her now to get the refund after sending the extra documents.

Tax Professional !!!@

Sounds like you guys needs to use a tax Professional and if you are using someone go try H and R Block not who I use, as I cannot stand big Corporate Places but you all obviously need help. And my Tax Pro, got mine in and its been 8 weeks and it was direct deposited into my account. Woohooo !!!! GO TAX PRO GO !!! O yeah, she got 125.00 of it. lol

Delayed Return- Frustrated.

Sent everything in according to instructions, and including all signatures, title documents and return prepared in Turbotax. I am used to getting my refunds within days. This time, three months passed with no news.
I received a letter stating that signatures were missing (not true, all signatures were included). We immediately faxed the signatures to the included number and waited.
Soon after, the website indicated that our return no longer had an estimated delivery date, it merely said that it was being processed.
I called today and was told that it would take 30 days to determine if my fax had been received. I would like to repeat that: 30 days to determine if my fax had been received.
Then, it would take an estimated 6-8 weeks to be processed as it went to the beginning of the pile.
Is anyone else surprised by the unprofessionalism of this? ANY company can let you know if a fax has been received immediately.
Also, I cannot be notified by any means other than a telephone call (no leaving voicemail allowed, of course!) or snailmail.
My only thought is that the government needs to get abreast of technology The president's initiative to use new technologies is a good one! When will the IRS adopt it! They are acting as if we are in the 80s!

We are in the very same

We are in the very same boat.

Still In Examination

My wife and I closed on our first house July 2009. We filed an amended return and were told the refund would take up to 12 weeks. My daughter and her husband are expecting their first baby and we gave them some funds to tide them over, thinking that IRS would have our refund to us soon.
Yeh right!! We were asked for more information, HUD statement, Bank Account statement, drivers licenses etc. Just got word to say that its still in examination, and we should expect to hear back from them by June 20th. Thats 11 months!!!
We really do need this quickly, I need to pay this year's taxes LOL.
Good luck to all of you still waiting, I feel your pain.

Me Too!

We bought our first place in November 2009. We re-filed 2008's return in December, 2009 so we could receive the First Time Homebuyers Credit. We received a letter the end of February 2010 asking for more information. We sent the requested documents right away and are still waiting. I called today and they told me it would be at least another 45 days before they would get back with me and that they may still need more information! We took out 6-month no-interest loans to furnish our place based on the $8000 return. We are now getting hit with all of the interest charges!

Hi there Im in the same boat

Hi there Im in the same boat I close on my house on october 29, 2009, sent the ammended 2008 tax return with the req. info a week later. It wasn't until mid march of 2010 that I got a letter from the IRS saying that I am disqualified because I was claiming interest on another mortgage.for 2008. This is true but this is a house that I rented from my father in law ( and nobody claims those interest) and my accountant said that this could be done. Now I submitted my 2009 taxes claiming the 8K credit again and the IRS website 1st says it would be for June 8 and now its says June 22 %#@*&^% AAAWWWRRRGGG!!!!!!! I need the money :-( Well I guess we all do. Please advice.


After waiting an exhausting 7 1/2 months and starting to believe that we would not get it we rec'd our tax credit today!!!! I know they say patience is a virtue, but this long delay is ridiculous. We bout our home in Sept 09 and waited and waited. I kept this site bookmarked and read the comments of all of those fellow first time homebuyers in my similar fate. Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. I really thought we would be declined for some made up reason or would be told we needed to send more proof again. We are so thankful today and wish good luck to all of those people still waiting and giving up hope. The credit is real! We rec'd $8343.26. Thank God and AMEN!

Finally , hurry up and wait again!!!!!

well i spoke with the irs and was told that i was approved for the 8000 dollars with interest , however they couldn't tell me when the check would be cut , and it could take up to 8 wks. Why so long just to cut a check

when did you file your

when did you file your taxes? we are still waiting on ours though we faxed in addtional paperwork and they verified they received it via letter and a note to wait for response within 30 days, which was 34 days ago.

Don't Spend what you don.t have.

I am still waiting for my check like the rest of you but I can not feel sorry for any of you who have gone out and spent this money before you received it. Thats always a good way to get yourself in trouble. Hopefully you learn a lesson for next time because of this.

That is VERY rude. I hope

That is VERY rude. I hope you don't ever have to deal with the hardship some of us has faced do to the lying the IRS has spit out. And believe me, they have LIED. I was told on 3 different occassions when I would have my money by and now, I am on the 8th month STILL waiting.

Enough with the preaching...

Really? Nice comment, why bother saying anything if you can't be a civil adult - this site is for support of those with refund issues, not a platform to preach about responsible spending.

Seriously. Get a life.

Get off your high horse!

Learned our lessons for next time? Sorry, but that's ridiculous! Anyone who's been paying taxes and filed regularly is accustomed to getting their return in 4-8 weeks. There was no rider when filing for the first time home buyer credit telling us that it would take an additional 4-8 months! I personally purchased things for a kitchen renovation after it was listed on Where's My Refund that I would receive my direct deposit by March 30th. It wasn't until after those purchases were made that the date was removed and I was asked for information already submitted (which was then "never received" as many have been told) and then given no answers from anyone for the last month or two! So please get off your high horse and realize that some of us actually believed what the IRS told us and now are in not so fun prediciments. Good for you for having the extra cash that you don't have to worry about a mere $8,000, but some of us are not that lucky. And it's not to say that I couldn't have afforded the place I bought without it, but it was incentive to purchase the place I did knowing I could do some renovations.

Keep Your Lessons to Yourself

Thanks for nothing jerkoff! How do you have time to post a comment like this you hater critic pathetic fool.


Do you think you reponse was worth posting? I dont. Like many I am waiting and mad. Not because I spent the 8,000 "already" (who are you to count anyone spending habits) but because if the situation was reversed and I owed they would want their money ASAP.

Finally... a little hope!

Hello- The IRS recieved My First Time Buyers Tax Credit on 2/4/2010. I have been calling about every other week since then and have gotten the same line. Your credit is being processed and could take between 12-16 weeks to process. I live in Atlanta so my Credit went to the Atlanta IRS Office. Finally, I called today and they said my check should be released in the mail on May 24th and could take another 2 weeks. We will see. It's been frustrating but hopefully my journey will be coming to a end soon. Good Luck with your return.

this is ridiculous!

I'm sorry, but I'm glad to see that we are not the only ones fighting to get our money. We bought our house, closed mid October 2009. Filed all our paperwork that was required and mailed it out at the post office on 2/1/10. Called the IRS mid March because nothing was showing in the system for where our refund could possibly be. They said they had no record of ever receiving it!!! WHAT???!!!! I asked if I should mail in another copy and was told no because if the first copy is found, then it can cause confussion and it could take an additional 6-12 weeks! So 2 wks from that call it is now showing up on their website and then says we should receive our check by April 27. On April 19 we get a letter saying that we didn't sign our refund...again WHAT???!!!!!! My husband calls to speak to someone and of course you get NO WHERE WITH ANYONE!!! That letter is signed and mailed back on 4/20. As of today, 5/17, and 2 more phone calls, nothing has been updated and they don't know when we will get any money. I asked if there is something we should know as homeowners and this wonderful tax credit and they said no. I was told to call back within 2 weeks, once it had been officially 30 days since we sent the letter back and if the status had not been updated and then they could do some investigating into the dept. to find out what is going on. COME ON!!!!!! We bought our house because we wanted to and this tax credit was such a great bonus, not only to us all as homeowners, but to the country to help boost the housing market. So the government offered this incentive, why are they not following through?!

Good luck everyone, hope we all get our money before it's time to file for 2010!



Your situation is the exact duplication of my situation. I closed my house in october and filed my 2009 federal tax return together with my first time home buyers credit. Originally, IRS through their "where is my refund" website had promised to that I would have my tax-refund by April 27th 2010. Come April 7th and I recieved a letter from IRS saying they need another schedule form L and another signed HUD. On April 9th, I faxed those in and 2 weeks later I called. I was told to wait 6-8 weeks in order for them to reprocess the application. I called several times asking them to at least let me know that they recieved my correspondence. To that effect, I never got a clear answer. I asked to speak to the supervisor at least on 2 occasions, no supervisor ever called me back. Today, I called again. Because it is at least 6 weeks since I replied back to their communciation. I was told, after a long time of waiting on the phone that they are not sure where my correspondence is but I should wait an additional 4 weeks. I flatly told the lady on the phone, that HELL-NO. I am really looking for other options on how to deal with this situation. This is more than ridiculous. Govt is not supposed to take my money and keep it even after I have paid my share of taxes. I cant wait an additional 4 weeks, I suspect the same response. I am thinking of beginning court proceedings against the IRS for gross mis-management. Look out for my facebook account sometime early next month for people who have been violated by the IRS or told lies by the IRS either regarding the first time home-buyers credit or any other issue.

I'm in the exact same boat

I'm in the exact same boat as you. I mailed mine in Feb.7 and I just got off the phone with the IRS today. They didn't give me any information other then it was still being processed. I was told to call back JUNE 22ND if I hadn't heard anything from them by then. I'm a little frustrated with it all myself as you can imagine.

good luck

It has officially been 30 days since I sent them my "additional information". It has been 120 days since I sent the information in the first place. I called after the 30 days was up and they told me it still wasn't reviewed. I asked how much longer and the answer I received was, "well call back in 30 more days".

Similar and longer litany of IRS excuses...

for I know the government is out of money and thus we will be last......Homebuyers like us that filed for the credit.I lost all my faith in the government.This is the worst performance on the part of the IRS in over forty years I've experienced, witnessed in postings here and on other sites has reinforced my thoughts and jaded them.

call your local tax

call your local tax advocate, I am in the exact same boat and that is the route I have had to take also bug your congress men write and call everyday.

approaching 5 months now

Same exact thing is happening to me. We closed on our first home in late sept of 09. We filed married jointly in the end of Jan 2010. This is the first time we were doing taxes with a home so i had a family member review our taxes and she said everything looked ok. I still wasnt sure if we had gotten all the possible money we could, so i had my accountant from my company, who used to proffessionally do taxes, take a look at our taxes. She also confirmed everything looked good and to send in what we had. we mailed them in as told we had to by turbo tax since the tax credit was being applied. the WMR site had nothing for weeks then finally showed we will get our refund on Mar 15th 2010. a few days after that we get a letter stating that we did not sign our 1099 form. which is complete BS. I checked it over, my wife checked if over, my aunt checked it over, and my accountant checked it over. so i am 1,000% sure we signed everything. but still we signed the paper they said to and we faxed it in. I have called in every monday just to get a different answer. No one can even tell me if they recieved the fax. to this freaking day of may 20th they still cant say if they have recieved the fax. I called today and the lady said i should look forward to mid to end of june. Are you fu#$%n kidding me. Really 6 months just to get a refund. whats really goin on. if they dont have the money then just tell me and ill wait til they do. but dont give me run arounds all day. well felt good to vent on this forum. good luck to all who are stuck in this same BS boat.


We also bought our house in sept and filed Feb 1st. Nothing got letter back saying they didnt get all the paperwork.Bull we sent it all..Now saying its being processed..Bull.. We owed money after sending in check thet cashed it in two days ..bull

If you filed it in February

If you filed it in February and it has been flagged for will be a while. I filed in July 2009 and my review documents still haven't been examined.

Its Happening to us too!!!!!

*Sent our taxes in 03/11/2010

*IRS websites stated, you should receive refund by 5/11/2010

*Called IRS 5/07/2010, they told me they sent out a letter requesting more information. Allow 4 weeks from the date they receive the information back

*Received IRS Letter requesting HUD 1 form 5/10/2010, Letter stated 6-8 weeks from when they get the information back

*(We already sent HUD 1 form)

So as long as we do not get denied, it could take up to around July 14th to get our refund. That means the whole process will most likely take 19+ weeks. I am not holding my breath and if we get a denied letter I will be contacting my congressman

We got our refund in 4 weeks!?

Just so some of you know, it isn't always a waiting game. We filed our taxes on April 14th and received $8K tax refund exactly 4 weeks later. I had read horror stories so was expecting it around the 6 month mark but it popped up in our bank account yesterday!!
I don't know if this info helps at all but:
1) We used an accountant who filed all the stuff for us.
2) The only evidence we included was the Hud-1
3) We used direct deposit
4) Don't know if this makes any difference but we live in IL
5) Our house was purchased July 09
Best of luck to everyone!

I'm assuming you guys didn't

I'm assuming you guys didn't amend your 2008, but instead applied the credit to your 2009?

Reading about all these problems and still waiting out for my return (I chose to amend my 2008 return) makes me wish I simply waited to apply the credit to my 2009 returns instead. I probably would have received my credit by now!

I filed my tax credit at the

I filed my tax credit at the same time I filed my regular taxes. Did they send the tax credit with your refund or in separate checks?

1st time buyers

Can anyone tell me why the 1st time home buyers tax credit will not apply to you if you buy from a close relative? what if the person goes thru a mortgage company as if the two parties were strangers? the disqualifiers dont mention siblings (my brother is the seller) the home appraised for a certain amount which was 5k over the asking amount. help!

You are able to get the

You are able to get the credit if you purchase from your brother


I closed on my home April 14th 2010 filed my taxes April 15 after about 3 weeks the "where's my refund" said I would get my refund by June 8th 2010 a week later it says they where sending me a letter to send more info....So I called a IRS Number and after about 15 minutes had a live person on the phone, she advised me that my
tax return had been sent out to Cinn, Ohio for examination and gave me a number to call 1800-477-0602 about 5 minutes of waiting I get a live human again......WOW Im feeling lucky at this point....I discussed my situation with the very nice guy on the other end of the phone he filled out the 911 form to get me a tax advocate notating everything we talked about and my hardship of needing more chemo without insurance and me being a widow with two dependant children one of which is profoundly autistic....and he said my advocate would be in touch with me within 48 hours....I really hope this helps my case and if any of you try this phone number I hope it helps.....I live in NC not sure if all examinations will go to Ohio but this number gave me much relief to know that I got that far and got to tell the IRS some of my situation....Dont wait for the letter they say they are mailing you may never get it.....I will keep you posted if I get my check anytime soon Thanks and have a great day And GOOD LUCK

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