First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

There has been a lot of talk (and confusion) about the economic stimulus bill and what it means to home buyers. Who qualifies? What year can I claim the credit? How much of a refund would I get back? What are the criteria to receive the credit? So I'm going to attempt to answer the most common questions about the bill. Keep in mind, I am NOT a tax professional or accountant and always recommend when it comes to your taxes to seek the advice of an accredited tax professional.

That being said, the bill states that first time home buyers can claim a tax credit worth $8,000 OR 10% of the home's value, whichever amount is less. So, if you bought a condominium for $65,000, your tax credit under the bill would be $6,500, not $8,000.


In order to qualify for the credit, the home purchase must be made between January 1st and November 30th of 2009 (so if you buy a home on December 1, 2009 you are not eligible). In addition, there are income restrictions as well. To qualify, a single person must make less than $75,000 a year. Married couples must make under $150,000 a year. However, higher income buyers may receive a partial credit. You must also live in the house purchased for at least three years or you will be required to pay back the credit. The property being purchased can not be owned by a close relative like a parent, grandparent or one of your children. The definition in bill for a first time home buyer is anyone that has not owned a home in the last three years.

Tax Filing

The credit can be claimed on your 2008 or 2009 income taxes. Now as I said you can claim the credit on your 2008 tax filing. If you have already filed them, you can file an amended return to claim the credit if you wish to do so. Based on the feeback we've been getting, the process takes about 12 weeks. Another great thing about the credit it that it is fully refundable, so even if your total tax bill (refund) is less than $8,000 (and you qualify for that amount of a credit), you would still receive the full $8,000 back plus the amount you had overpaid.

For example, John's taxes showed that he had paid $5,000 in taxes over the year. He filed his return and he actually only owed $3,000 in taxes. Normally he would have received a refund of $2,000. But under this bill, he would receive the full $10,000 instead! To claim the credit on your taxes is just a matter of filling out the form, without any additional paperwork involved.

This is a simplified breakdown of the economic stimulus bill. I highly recommend consulting a professional tax service regarding your taxes. You can download the tax form here:

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I was feeling optimistic!!!!!!

Purchased my home in Arkansas-Nov 2009
E-filed my return(I had a gut feeling that there would be a delay)-Feb 2009
Mailed in my forms-Feb 2009
Spoke with an agent(she said I would receive a letter)-March 2009

I talked to an IRS agent on June 3 because I hadn't received anything and was told to call back on June 14, if I hadn't received my check. Why is there a big packet in my mailbox on June 5? I was hoping it was my check. NOT!!!!! I'm one week away from 16 weeks and NOW they want more documents. I was feeling optimistic because the guy said that everything looked good when I spoke to him on the phone. So for anyone that hasn't filed, I suggest you send in your settlement statement with all parties' signature, the property address, the seller and buyer names, and purchase price. You will also need a copy of your mortgage statement or a cancelled check (front and back) from a payment within the last three months. I am sending both. They also want at least two of the following: a copy of your driver's license, a copy of a recent paycheck, a copy of a recent bank statement, or a copy of your vehicle regristration. This is what is being requested of me. Hell, I say send all of the documents plus a utility bill. They should have posted this info on their website and it could've saved everybody a headache.

AGAIN?! Another Delay in Refund due to an IRS Error

I filed First-Time Homebuyers Credit (Jan. 2010).
As of today (Jun 26, 2010), I'm still going through the same frustrations as what others here are going through, but I'd like to respond to one comment as follows:

Patricia L Wrote:
"Most of the stories that you read with the delays are coming from those that did
not submit their paperwork correctly to the IRS"

I (my accountant) filed everything correctly, but I still received a letter from IRS in May.
The IRS reviewer mistook my Estimate Payment Amount (paid in full) with Withheld Amount. How stupid is that?

What is more amazing about IRS is that there is no apology or prioritizing my file even when it is their mistake. I waited another 6 weeks, and today I received another letter saying that they are conducting a "THOROUGH investigation" and I need to wait another 45 days before I MAY contact them.

What does IRS mean by "I may"? I should be able to contact them anytime I want! And they ARE obligated to give me a useful answer right away. O.K., one thing I don't understand is... aren't we paying their salaries? Aren't we their customers? They owe us money, so any civilized person with a rational mind would think they should be at least paying us an interest for the money they owe us? (especially when it is due to their error?!)

IRS should give a "Common Sense Test" (and an "English Reading Skill Test") to their recruits before hiring them.


I mailed my return on 2/1/2010 and then received a letter for my Hud 1, I faxed it ova that saturday. I have never called them to check on my status. I still have not received my returned but the WMR site says it should be mailed on June 11.2010. If I don't receive it by July 9.2010 then call, THEY will not have any information before then..WMR site told me April 29.2010 soo I will believe when I see it....

got it in the mail on that

got it in the mail on that monday JUNE 14. stay prayed up folks.


I think that we should all just STOP calling the IRS and complaining etc..I mean don't you think that if we leave the IRS alone and let them process all of these claims maybe we'll get our checks faster?? Everyone seems paranoid that they are never going to get their check!! If you are a first time homebuyer your check will come. We all need to learn some patience!!! t chill will happen. And those fools that made all these plans b/c they were banking on the refund are just fools..and yes I have been foolish as well..I took time off in hopes to go on vacation and I couldn't go until that money got here. Well the money still isn't here and I go back to work on I ended up not doing anything too exciting b/c I don't have any I'm just going to relax and go on with my life. I know I'm entitled to the money, so it will get here when it does. But serioulsy STOP calling the IRS every day..let them to their job..

STILL WAITING....................

My husband and I purchased our 1st home in October 2009. Our FTHBTC was filed in November 2009 and then the waiting began. We waited and waited and waited and waited and we were finally informed in February 2010 that our amended 2008 tax return had been received and that we would hear from the IRS within 30 days. A letter requesting additional documentation was received on March 22 and the requested documents were returned by certified mail/return receipt on March 26, 2010. 3 weeks later we received another letter from the IRS stating that the requested documents had been received and that we would hear from them again by no later than May 27, 2010. I called again on May 26, 2010 and was told that they are now processing returns received in the middle of March and that I should call back in two weeks. They are working the claims according to the date that requested information is received. I think that we will ultimately be OK because we were fortunate enough to not have to spend the credit before we received it. However, that is not the case for everyone and it is pretty ridiculous that it takes this long for the process to complete from beginning to end.

O.K. Get this......

My wife and Ii bought last august.(09) In February I mailed a complete Joint 1040 with 5045 and HUD I recieved my tax refund minus the $8000 in April. I called the IRS to find out why, and they said that my tax credit for my home was put on line 68 instead of line 67 on my 1040, and that I would need to file an amended tax refund, along with another HUD and form 5045. I used turbo tax, and I had a photo copy of the origional tax return in my hand which clearly shows that the line 68/67 had been filed acurately. despite that, the woman on the phone was insistant that I was mistaken and that I must be reading my copy wrong.

So I sent off the amended return in April (shortly after I got off the phone with that woman), and I am still waiting for any kind of responce. After reading your notes, it seems that the IRS is making up B.S as they go. I wish us all good luck.

Same thing happened to me

The same thing happened to me. I used turbo tax and the IRS claimed that I put the amount in the wrong line. I also had a copy showing the correct amount on the correct line. What a load of crap. The guy I talked to on the phone at least looked up the original document and told me I was correct and that it was an error on their end. Now it's at least another 30 days before I hear from them. Not likely I'll get the credit before my wedding in the beginning of August. Oh well.


Now they're claiming that they don't have my settlement statement... and that's despite talking to TWO people on the phone on the IRS saying that they saw I did have the settlement statement included with my return... But they said I should send it in anyway... No wonder they're overwhelmed with paperwork - they keep asking for things they've already got! Taxpayer advocate was supposed to call me by today. Doubt that will happen.


Got it!!!

Finally came in the mail on June 21st. Good Luck to you all...

Need Help with Amending for first time buyer tax credit.

Hi I was hoping someone who has done this themselves could help me. We were going to have H&R Block do it, but they wanted $100 bucks for each of us. We have to send out two amended forms because we aren't married. I have the 1040x form and the 5405 form ready, I just don't understand what I need to fill out. We just closed 2 weeks ago, and I have our HUD 1 settlement. We also went into contract in Feb this year. So all I need help with is actually filling out the paperwork.

If anyone could please help it would be very much appreciated :)

Thank You,


I did my taxes thru turbotax

I did my taxes thru turbotax and just filed an amendment through them at no cost. I believe you can just print the forms online.

amendment forms

did you find out what info needs to be filled out on the 1040x?

Just send in your 1040x

Just send in your 1040x amendment form along with the 5405 and a copy of your hud settlement statement that includes the address of your new property

You just need to complete

You just need to complete the 1040X with your information from your 2009 1040. You also need to complete the 5405. Make sure to send your HUD1 form, making sure that it contains all signatures, and send a copy of your contract. You should include that as proof that you enetered a contract before the end of April.


If you had H&R Block do your taxes this year, then the amendment should be free. That's what they told me. If you didn't do your taxes at H&R Block, then the IRS website has articles to help you fill out both tax forms. Will tell you step by step on what to put in each line. Just do a search on Make sure you have your 2009 tax returns handy because you'll need some numbers from that to enter in both forms.

Hope this helps

Good day!

All I filled out what an amended tax return for last year (I think it was a 1040X) and the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit form you mentioned, 5405 I believe, and sent a copy of our HUD 1 form. So the hard part was the amended tax return. On the 1040X I put the tax credit on line 14 with the other tax credits and checked off 5405 and put the 8000 in there with my other amounts.

*Amended tax return
*5405 form
*HUD 1

That's all I did! Hear's hoping that's all I needed. But that's what my realtor told me to do.

Best of luck!

IRS recieved our papers OCT

IRS recieved our papers OCT 18th, 2009 and still have not gotten our money, supposedly we'll know more on june 18th.

Tax Credit


We filed in the second week of October, 2009.

Call after call after call and still nothing.

Today...We got an advocate who is supposed to call inside of a week to get the scoop.

We aren't holding our breath and wonder why the incentive was offered to begin with if this kind of wait time was going to be taking place as consistently as it is.

Same boat. Bought the place

Same boat. Bought the place Oct 1, 2009, turned in paperwork and they recevied it by 0ct 5th, 2009. They said I should hear by June 27th. After several phone calls and them asking for more information. I hear they give you interest?

Denied, Still waiting

Me and My husband purchased our house in September 09, and when decided to wait until tax time to take care of everything. We went to H&R block, and were told that everything was great and we got all of the documentation to mail in. After a month we received something in the mail that told us that we were denied our 8000 dollars due to filing for a house in 2008. Me and my husband were not together at this time, nor did we have a house. I was living with my parents, and he was living in the Dorms. We sent them again, all the documents that we needed, plus we sent 4 years of our taxes in, and a letter from H&R block stating that they were wrong. That nothing in our taxes said that we have filed for a house in 2008. This was 2 months ago, we still have not heard anything back, and every time that we talk to them, they tell us that its going to be another 4-6 weeks before we hear anything. I'm stuck, we are a young couple who has an almost empty house, and trying to save up slowly for things that we are going to need. We are having an issue with our roof, that needs to be fixed but cost alot of money. It would really help us out to have our money that is owed! And I agree with everyone, i feel that if we were late with any payments that we would be held accountable for this. Shouldn't it be the same way around? I'm getting so frustrated with this, what else can i do?

The same thing happened to

The same thing happened to us. We bought a house november 22nd 2009. We filed married filing seperatly,and split the credit. I was due to get back 1200 and my husband 4800. We filed in early feb. Everytime we called they would tell us a certain date for our refund check and then that date would pass.When I called for the 4th time, there was a recording that my taxes were amended and I now owe 3800 to them by june 24th and I would get a letter in the mail. When I got the letter it said I've owned previous property and have been denied. I'm 25yrs old and have never owned previous property I wish I had the money to own previous property. When I called irs they said they show nothing under my name but they cannot fix it. They don't me to write a letter to them stating I have not owned previous property and told me they will put an irs extentsion on my 3800 bill till sept. I want my husband has still not received his refund either and they have no info to give him


I have the same issue here. I all of a sudden owe however I did own a previous property however this is not my main home. I can still take the credit with a previously owned home as long as this was not my main home. I will be sending my letter to the IRs along with my 5 years of apartment leases. The house has never been rented however this does not matter. You can still take this credit if as long as you have not lived in this home for 3 consecutive years (not your main home). Well, i am going to give it a whirl. I was told by the IRS today I am elgible for this credit . I have already waited for over 5 months.....whats a few more months. Really sucks! Hang in there...."DONT GIVE UP....DONT EVER GIVE UP!"

Good news...

You can claim a "A hardship, in which you are currently or will be suffering economic harm" (Tax Today, author unkown). The only catch you have to prove it to the IRS. Listed below is a website that will help you figure out exactly what criteria you fall under.

Another thing is to remember you have rights as a taxpayer to speak with somebody at the Taxpayer Advocate Service. Another thing is you acutally do have Taxpayer rights.

How did you get denied? I

How did you get denied? I am just curious if they are going to try and pull that bull with me. Shouldn't they have to show you some sort of PROOF?

You can request a tax

You can request a tax advocate from the IRS, as well as send a letter to your Congressman

Shame on the IRS

We bought our home in February 2010, filed all the documents needed for the FTHBC in the first week of March. Here it is June 4th 2010 and still nothing. All of our paperwork got returned a month later saying we needed burden of proof that was typed up and notarized, so we sent it right away, still nothing. when we called to check on it, we were told that they have received it but was now (once again) waiting to be assigned. Ok at this point we are getting pissed because the home we bought is a fixer upper, we have no kitchen, only 2 bedrooms (since the basement is unfinished) for 2 adults and a boy (11) and girl (16), no AC. These are all things we said we could do as soon as we got out FTHBC since everybody said it will only take about 8 weeks. We still owe our Realtor the $3000 downpayment for the house since he said we could pay it once we got our check. We have since then sold our car just to get an AC installed since the Temperatures were starting to get up into the 90's.
So here we are, at a stand still to make our "home" fully functional and livable and all the IRS has to say is " well we are working on it'? well heck, maybe we wont pay any income taxes for this year and when its time to file in 2011 and we owe money, I wonder how well the IRS would respond to "well we are working on it" when it comes to paying taxes we owe. This Home Buyers Credit situation is redicilous and would we had known that it would take this long to get our money we would have never bought our home. Our "Dream Home" has turned into the "Nightmare from hell". Isnt there something all of us Citizens can do to hold the IRS responsible for all the delays?? Anybody can sue anybody in this country so why not sue the IRS for not upholding their end of the deal and missleading hard working people??

Home buyer tax credit

I am a little relieved but even more frustrated with this situation after reading your letter. We too have been waiting for months for our money and my husband was laid off for 4 months but we still held our heads up thinking we will be fine when we get this money. STILL NOTHING!! We just keep getting letters saying there are working on it. We once got a letter saying that everything was okay and they will give us our money in less than 2 weeks (false hope) so we waited and I called and my husband called and they don't know why we received that letter!!! I really hope Obama steps in at some point because I know that a lot of people don't care if the credit is extended because they don't know of anyone actually getting it yet and why go in debt for a house now when you can ride the market a little longer???

tax credit

Can you tell me what phone number you called to check on this credit? I sent mine in over a month ago and want to check on the status before it gets out of control like everyone elses. Thank you!

Wow. I am sorry you have to

Wow. I am sorry you have to deal with this. I am still waiting on my money too. I have suffered financially from it as well, but not as much as you have. I hope you get yours soon.

Hi we also bought our home

Hi we also bought our home in Feb 2010. We called the IRS they recieved our claim March 9th. They are now taking up to 19 weeks to process. So I am giving them till August now. Sorry for your bind. We also are struggling. It sucks when you count on something you are promised. I hope we get our returns soon. Best of Luck!

What can I expect from a tax advocate???

I closed on my 1st home in September 09, mailed in my return on January 31st, "Where's my return" said I could expect my money to be deposited on April 20th! Then, a week before that date, I get a letter asking me to mail in my HUD1 statement - mailed it in the first time! I fed exed the statement along with my 1st time home buyer affidavit just in case they needed another proof. Still waiting on any update. They told me that my account was on a 30 day hold for review. Contacted a tax advocate and started a claim. My adovcate is suppose to be calling me in 3 days. Can anyone tell me what to expect when they call?

advocate services

Have you heard from you advocate yet? If so, have you had any luck? We are waiting on an advocate as well...

What can I expect from a tax advocate???

Believe it or can expect help! We experienced a very similiar situation (filed an ammendment 10/30 and finally got check in hand 6/1). We actually even got paid interest. We had to send in all sorts of verification to prove we lived there in addition to the HUD statement. It's frustrating but I've been more frustrated for less so, all in all, hang in there!

The Tax advocate most likely

The Tax advocate most likely wont call for 30 days. We are in the same boat. we sent a letter to The President as well as to our Congressman explaining the hardship. Our Congressman's office called before the tax advocate. We filed Feb 1, 2010 and we are still waiting as well. We too had to send in the HUD statement, this was sent with our original paperwork.

Good luck!

Best advice is stay positive. I just received a call from our advocate after waiting 4 months for feedback. We had similar situation; we received a notice stating to mail in our HUD statement which was also porvided at the time we submitted our return. I sent it in 3 times after and called back..finally we are told our refund is on its way. Good luck!

expect NOTHING.

Bought house June of 09, waited until Jan to file for FTHB. I sent my taxes in 1/26/10. They were received on 2/10. I sent in all necessary forms. In mid-March, Where's My Refund said I should receive refund by 4/13. Two weeks went by, it changed to 4/27, then 5/11. On 5/1, everything on WMR went away and there was a phone number to call (which I had already called the second time my date changed.) I've spoken with 6 people at customer service, including TWO supervisors. I have had a tax advocate since 5/9 who told me to fax my whole return to him and he would get it handled. I did that 5/10, and have called every week since with no news. I have my senator's office on the case (Casey - PA). I still have not heard ANYTHING. No letters telling me to send more info or that I didn't send enough info. Just nothing.

When we bought this house, I opened some "interest free for a year" accounts (in June and July of last year) to buy some things we needed for the house, knowing that I would be getting this money when I filed my taxes and before the interest free periods were up. Now the promo rates are expiring and my minimums are doubling and tripling, or I'm getting new bills because these accounts had no payments within the promo periods. AND the accrued interest is being added to those accounts, and then being charged interest on top of that interest. I've called lawyers - no one will help unless YOU owe the IRS money. Then, they'll fight for you. But when the IRS owes YOU money, no one wants to fight for you. I better damn well get interest on THIS money that they owe me. Can I send the IRS a bill for all this extra money I now have to pay BECAUSE OF THEM?? And for anyone who wants to say I shouldn't spend the money before I had it - I've NEVER had an issue with the IRS - I have my refund in February every year. I usually file before the end of January and have never had an issue getting a refund before. I never imagined this would turn into the nightmare that it has.

This is RUINING MY LIFE - something that was supposed to HELP people like me has done nothing but destroy me. Does anyone care?? Certainly not the IRS, the taxpayer's advocates office (a lot of good they are) OR my senator's office. How much higher can I go? DO I HAVE TO EMAIL PRESIDENT OBAMA??? If ANYONE out there can help me, please contact me.

I filed my first time home

I filed my first time home buyer credit in November of 09. On May 17th I received a letter from the IRS that said that I have been transfered to examination. With this, I was told that I need to re-submit all the paperwork that I had previously sent. I called the IRS and they told me that a few people are randomly picked for examination to reduce the fraud and for quality control. The examiner then told me that this process could take another couple months. Thank God I had no faith in the IRS to begin with. Other wise, I would expect more! Good luck to everyone else, you will need it.

16 weeks And still nothing

I filed an amended return for the $8000 first time home buyers credit back onFeb.. 20th 2010. And here it is June 16th and the IRS tells me im still in examination.I asked if there is anything I needed to do and they said they needed more information,and will be contacted by mail.They also said once the paper work is submited it could be another 45-90 days for my refund if the paper work is exepted.At this point I'm beyond mad.

Code 1241?

Filed in Feb 2010...we have been waiting a long time...we call every week and they say there is no problems...and they don't see what the hold up is. I check the Where's My Refund site today and see the Code 1241 and notice that there is a topic for Appeal Rights...that doesn't sound I am worried about calling.

So, so tired of all of the waiting. If they say they are going to do something do it, if not just don't say it.

Beyond Frustrated!!!

We are beyond frustrated with the system! i posted a few weeks ago expressing the same frustrations and concerns that everyone seems to have. Well after 2 more weeks of phone calls and more run around and different answers from everyone, i want to scream!!! Today i check the WMR status and it's showing that they don't have any information on us! WTF!!!! So i call again, this lady has me repeat my address 4 times, which has be concerned because it's never been an issue. Then after being on hold for 10 minutes she comes back to say that they finally received the letter we sent back, um the letter we received a week before our said refund was suppose to be issued to us and sent it back the next day....April 21st! You just got it now....again WTF!!!! Said that it's being processed and it could take an additional 12 weeks to get our refund! Maybe not, but worst case! Are you friggin kidding me!!!!!!!!!!! WE MAILED IT ALL IN ON FEBRUARY 1ST!!!!!!! I totally lost it, appologized because it's not her fault, but that would be the insane!!!! I expressed my frustrations on how NOBODY said it would take this long for the tax credit, never mind that we haven't received any of our regular return either! She said that the IRS didn't know it was going to be this time consuming and take this long so they were UNPREPARED!!!!!! I'm so fed up with the runaround that I can't even think straight! Why is none of this being mentioned on the news?????!!!!!!!!

2 questions here: Why have some people gotten their money with no problems?
Have any of you had past problems with the IRS? just wondering if that could possibly be reason for hold up!!!

Best of luck all, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't take an additional 12 weeks!!!!!

Home buyer rebate

My husband and I have the exact same senario you described! I mailed everything on Feb. 4th, 2010-
and here it is June 8th. We get the same run around from the customer service people.
I went to and typed in " is the irs going to pay any first time home buyers credits?" and your letter, along with hundreds of others came up...
I'm calling my Congressman- this is the biggest scam the government has pulled yet.
we all need to yell LOUDLY about this!!!!
now I'm really pissed.

I least i am not thinking im

I least i am not thinking im in this same runaround boat that everyone else is.
sent all the right papers in the first time in the begining of feb. got the notice of refund payout by march 13th then a week before that got the letter saying i needed the hud statement, then resent all the paperwork and now the runaround calling the irs just to here some telephone operator who cant seem to work their computer right, tell me they don't know what the holdup is and cant figure out why this has happened.. shame on the IRS . they have scammed the country, and are stealing our normal tax returns. Accountability . The irs needs to look this up in the dictionary.

just read you post and we

just read you post and we are having the same issues, we filed on Feb 15th ish and still nothing here on June 5th I am hearing 24+ weeks total to get the check.
Good Luck!

Tax Credit IRS Delays

I would like to etch my story into this monumental IRS bash-fest. I, much like the rest of you, purchased a home in late 2009 (October to be exact). I was motivated to purchase because of the incentives. Thankfully I am employeed and in reasonable financial condition, but to many, I'm sure this is incredibly frustrating. Here's my timeline:

Oct 15 2009 - Purchased Home
Feb 18 2010 - Filed Tax Return
Mar 1 2010 - Where's my refund: "Your return is being processed"
Mar 20 2010 - Where's my refund: "You should receive your return by April 30th"
April 20 2010 - Letter in mail stating: "Missing information HUD-1 form"
April 21 2010 - Mailed missing HUD-1 form
April 30 2010 - Where's my refund: "No information about your return is available"
May 15 2010 - Where's my refund: "Your return is being processed"
June 2 2010 - Posting discontent

In all fairness - I expected a delay. I'm sure there are 100,000+ people trying to claim this $8000.00 tax credit unlawfully. And it's the IRS's job to give the correct people their returns and prosecute/correct the fraudulent claims. But it seems like 4 months is getting a bit ridiculous and most certainly frustrating. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one on this ship to no-where, hopefully we'll spot land soon and get our credits.

I feel you!

I bought my house in February 2010. I filed my tax return the last day I could, April 15th, due to my accountant not returning it to me until then. I was prefectly fine waiting a bit longer since I did wait till the last minute. A couple weeks after I filed I checked my status online and it said I would recieve my money by May 30th.
On May 30th I received a letter from the IRS stating I needed to send a settlement statement or HUD form. I knew I forwarded my settlement statement so I called my accountant. My accountant called the IRS for me, and they told her that the requirements listed were vague, and basically by settlement statement or HUD they meant HUD.
I called IRS myself, waited on hold for about 10 minutes and spoke with a really nice representative. She explained that if there was a fax number I should defiantely fax the information required, and only the information required - this would cut the wait from 6-8 weeks to more like 4-6 weeks. So I faxed the information in along with the papers they sent me that they needed returned and included my Tax ID# on all the pages as the representative told me.
Today I call back, about 2 weeks later, and asked if they received the documents. This rep was really unhelpful, it took him 5 minutes to figure out exactly what I told him in the beginning, that I had sent my form back because it was missing the HUD. He then told me he cannot see if it was received or not, that they are supposed to code the account if something is received but they often forget and that I shouldn't re-send anything because if they receive something new it will make the whole process start over. He tells me to wait 2-3 more weeks and if I don't get a tax return, send in the HUD form again and wait another 4 weeks to hope that they receive it.
Rigth now I have little hope.

Try waiting 9 months and

Try waiting 9 months and still no check. Just extended dates for the IRS to reply.

Sounds Familiar

I forgot to sign the W2's...I usually do it electronically and this year since its paper it was a complete oversight. I received information saying I needed to send in the signature which I did in mid April...they said it would take 6-8weeks. Its now 8 weeks and there is not sign of life. We called and IRS stated they would "open" a case for me and it will take 30 days to get back to me w/any information. These funds are for my gf's engagement ring and its sad to see my perfect engagement stories disappear since I can't get the ring. I feel bad for people that are in financial hardships d/t to the delays, since my funds are going to a gift I'm not too broken up about it but its frustrating nonetheless!!

I called today

THEY LOST MY PAPERWORK and I had to FAX it all in again. I am beyond livid as it's been 8 weeks since we resent the paperwork. Every time I call it's a different story and I'm sick of it. The lady told me 2 weeks they'll have a release date when we were supposed to get it next week. I am so upset, the people who work there are rude and inconsiderate and never have any beneficial information to give us.

no they didn't lose the paperwork....

they told me they lost my paperwork, too...
this is a scam!

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