A day in Boulder City

Today I spent the day in clean, green Boulder City. Despite the severely restricted growth, there is some new construction going on there. Several new homes are being finished in Lake Mead View Estates. Some of the views are spectacular and the homes aren't bad either!  The community is located just off US 93 on your way to Lake Mead.

big horn sheepAfter touring the community, we took a break and made a pit stop at Hemening Way park. It has great views of Lake Mead and attracts all sorts of visitors. A few minutes later, several females came to join him for lunch. Apparently they are regular visitors because there are signs up everywhere stating that they are wild animals and not to feed them. Dogs aren't allowed at the park either. One of the residents we were talking to there said that they will generally shy away from people but will come right up to her when she is riding her horse. I'm afraid the picture doesn't do him justice.

The park is right down the street from Lake Mountain Estates which was our next stop. I finally updated my community pictures and then stopped by Bella Vista, the new(er) community next door. Both communities have great views of the mountains and Lake Mead.

quailAs we were driving back, we had to stop to watch the quail. There was a whole troupe running across the street, but I only managed to catch these two on camera. If you are a nature lover, Boulder City is a great place to go to see some of our native species. Home owners who live in the mountains often get visits from quail, big horn sheep and various other native wildlife. The beauty of the desert right in your backyard.


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