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Why You Should Insist on a Home Security System

By Ryan Huser 

Many people do not live in what they would necessarily consider permanent “homes” when they are starting out. For example, you may be accustomed to living in college dormitories, or in small apartments by yourself or with friends, or with a significant other. However, your living arrangements are likely change when you start a family. Many new parents, newlywed couples, or growing families tend to experience the exciting but sometimes daunting task of buying and moving into a new home. There are a ton of things to consider when making this change. Perhaps the most important one, however, is how secure your new living space is going to be for you and your family.

Many new Las Vegas homes, especially these days, come equipped with fairly strong basic security features (dead bolt locks on outside doors, smoke detectors, etc.). However, if you wish for your first home to be as safe and secure as possible, you will probably want to look into the features and benefits offered by professional security companies, so that you can make your family a "home security family". Again, the basics are very necessary: you will want dead bolt locks on your doors, smoke detectors and secure window locks. These are essentials for any home that you are thinking of purchasing. However, a professional home security company can offer you much, much more.

The house alarm is a good place to start when explaining the advantages of professional home security. While the basic house alarm is generally set to sound a loud alert and notify the authorities in the event of an attempted break-in, advanced house alarm systems are even more capable. Now, it is fairly common for people to hook their alarm systems up to their personal cell phone and the internet. So now while you are away you can access your system remotely through your phone, meaning that you can set your alarm, view security cameras and check on your house’s security from virtually anywhere there is cell phone service or an internet connection. Additionally, alarms can now contact the authorities via your cell network in the event that the home phone network fails, for whatever reason.

There are also innumerable other benefits offered by professional home security systems, in addition to advanced alarms. For example, they can install everything from laser trip wires to carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarms and even recording video equipment, depending on what level of security you desire for your home. Ultimately, these are decisions that you and your family will make depending on your own security needs. Aside from the obvious benefits of having a home security system, some home owner insurance companies will give you a discount on your home owner's insurance for having one installed.

About the Author:

Ryan Huser works for Home Security Family, an authorized ADT dealer.

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