Blogging and Freedom of Speech

If you haven't heard about it yet, a blogger is being sued by a company because of what he posted on his blog. The blogger, Vlad Zablotskyy runs several blogs out of his home in New Jersey including a blog aimed at the real estate community, You can read the latest post about his fight with ePerks here.

Getting Personal over Business

The battle has turned personal. Someone posted a very nasty story on Yahoo answers about Vlad that was totally false.  Yahoo has since pulled the post, although another site on wordpress has popped up, alluding to the Yahoo post. I'm not going to post what was said on Yahoo, because it was not only false but pretty upseting to Vlad. Probably the same person who posted it also placed a very asinine comment on one of our other blogs about him which I declined to publish.

Online reputation management is very important, as ePerks is learning very quickly. Had this been handled more professionally, I doubt there would be this many posts floating around the internet about their business practices. However it's not surprising.


A quick Google search for ePerks turned up this little gem:

Via the Yahoo search engine I just found at least a dozen different forums (they were mostly real estate related forums though some were auto forums) where a user posted the exact same subject line ("eperks?") and then went on to copy/paste the exact same question asked by rks6 above (usually different moniker). All posts were similar time frame - May/June 2007.

Funny thing is, each post was always from new member who just happened to register that same day!

Fortunately, the world has grown wise to spam. The regular users on most of the forums quickly realized that it was an attempt to drum up business for eperks and called them out

Source -

So ePerks was savvy enough to hit up (SPAM) different forums with posts about their company before the main launch. So why not do the same thing again with positive posts? Well, according to Vlad they did that on his blog. There were several positive comments about the service as well as some personal attacks against him. Once information hits the web, it's impossible to get it back. Why would any company seeking business in a specific industry think that this type of behavior would result in a positive outcome for them? They have jumped the shark.


Great work, keep it

Great work, keep it blogging. I love returning back to this site and reading the quality content you always have on offer.

Tough road ahead

Sounds like rough water ahead for both parties invovled. Freedom of speech and slander are a blurred area in blogging in my opinion and why I avoid that stuff like the plague.


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