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Yet another year has come and gone. 2008 was a year for firsts, some good, others not so good. This has been a rough year for Las Vegas. People are still vacationing here, although the number of tourists is down from prior years. The construction industry was also hit, with several projects closing down due to lack of funding. Some of those bankrupted projects have been brought back on line, like the Cosmopolitan. Vegas also had the unlucky distinction of being the foreclosure capital of the United States (at least in some news reports). But even that black cloud had a silver lining. Home sales in recent months have exceeded those from the same months in the "boom years". The huge wave of inventory also helped to reduce home prices to a more affordable level.

If you haven't been a regular reader, I've put together a list of the popular posts as determined by reader traffic for the last year:


Best of Blog 2008

Las Vegas has certainly had it's share of downs and it looks like home sales are an up! Congrats on that. I hope these more affordable homes (foreclosures) get purchased and NEVER come back! Here's to a better '09.

Hey let me know if that link below is okay. Where's the URL box?


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