Las Vegas Mortgage Rates & Resources

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Have questions about financing your new home? Here are the latest rates available.

The graph below updates weekly.

interest rates on 30 year fixed rate mortgages


If you are thinking about purchasing a home or condo, a good loan officer is a must. Over the years I have referred clients to several excellent lenders here in Las Vegas. If you would like a personal referral, call me at 702-493-8033.

Mortgage Resources

There are many, many different loan programs available. What program is right for you? Here are some sites that will give information about the various different loan programs available as well as advice from industry professionals.

FHA Mortgages and Mortgage information - US government site about various mortgage programs.

Unsecured loans are getting harder to get, so if you want your loan approved, and lower interest chose a secured mortgage loan.

Commercial Real Estate Financing Utah Zachary Barber joined Bonneville Mortgage Company in 2005. Zac is a loan officer that specializes in commercial mortgages over $1 million for a wide variety of property types including apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, mixed-use, retail, industrial, credit tenant, and net-leased properties.

The latest mortgage blog posts and other news.