Krystal Sands

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Krystle Sands High Rise Condos

krystal sands logoKrystle Sands has been canceled. The property was sold to Turnberry associates, who own the neighboring properties of Turnberry Place and Turnberry Towers. Both properties have new high rise condos for sale. Turnberry Place also has resale condos available as well, feel free to contact me for the latest available units and pricing. Very few properties don't come to fruition, the only other recent cancellations are the Aqua Blue in 2005 and the Hard Rock, Liberty Tower, Ivana and Icon in 2006. There are, however, several other condo-hotel projects going forward: Trump Tower, The Cosmopolitan, Signature at the MGM Grand and The Platinum or mixed condominium hotel projects: Palms Place as well as luxury residential condos: One Queensridge Place, Sky Las Vegas, Allure, Echelon, Panorama Towers, Park Towers, Manhattan, Park Avenue, Pinnacle, CityCenter and One Las Vegas.

krystal sands

Feel free to contact me via e-mail, phone or fax and I will send you detailed information and photos of the current high rise condominium listings available in any of the Las Vegas high rise condos you are interested in.


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