Ecertified Realtor

Prudential Real Estate's Cutting Edge eCertification® Launches a New Model for Consumers and Industry

The eCertified® designation is awarded to Prudential Real Estate Sales Associates who meet extensive criteria and who complete the eCertified® training. The training and certification process is designed to identify, certify and deliver real estate professionals who possess the technological and business skills necessary to service the emerging market needs of the online consumer.

Internet Marketing

An eCertified® agent is required to have knowledge of leading Internet marketing solutions available to market consumer properties, office automation products and popular graphic file types and know how to use them when sending electronic information to consumers. Certified agents provide clients with the benefit of having an anytime, anywhere gateway to information about the status of their transaction, via email or the Internet.


When you hire a Prudential Real Estate eCertified® professional, you can be assured you are working with someone who knows how to employ the most effective online communications and marketing strategies to close the time it takes to complete a transaction. Some highlights of the eCertified® requirements are that the real estate professional must have:

  • A proven sales track record
  • The ability to manipulate and generate electronic contracts, documents and images
  • The understanding of current technology options
  • Knowledge of leading Internet marketing solutions available to market properties
  • The ability to capture electronic photographs and information, such as property for sale, and to transmit that information
  • The discipline to return email communications within eight hours of receipt
  • An understanding that they will be tested periodically and the program will change as technology and consumer needs change

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