Title Insurance

The buyer orders title insurance, to protect him or her against blemishes on the title, and he or she orders a preliminary title search to determine if there are any claims against the title. Escrow and contract instructions should contain contingencies for home insurance, flood insurance, home inspections, financing, repairs and other tasks either the buyer or seller must complete before the transaction can progress. Each time a contingency is met, the buyer or seller signs off with a contingency release form or letter copied to all parties, including the escrow officer.

At some point, parties will receive a preliminary title report which summarizes the condition of the title, including easements and liens, claims and encumbrances against the property. The seller must resolve any claims against the title, or they could stall the deal.

Choosing a title company is very important. As your Realtor, I have dealt with the majority of the title companies in the valley and will advise you on choosing the best suited to your needs. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call me directly at 702-493-8033.

-Jacqulyn Richey

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